Jay Z and Beyonce Make $120 Million Offer for Los Angeles Home with Bulletproof Windows

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Jay Z and Beyonce Offered $120 Million for Los Angeles Mansion with Bulletproof Windows

Find out everything there is to know about the Bel-Air home with bulletproof windows that Jay Z and Beyonce Offered $120 Million for Los Angeles Mansion.

The couple, who has a combined net worth of 150 million, was looking for the perfect home in Los Angeles. It seems that they have found it and made a $120 million offer for it!

Beyonce and Jay Z offered $120 million for the Bel Air spec house. The property first listed for $135 million.

The mansion, which features eight bedrooms and a 15-car garage, is near Nel Air’s East Gate. The reason why the pair chose to make an offer for this property is the fact that it has bulletproof windows.

Apart from that, the property has four pools where the family can have a great time. With total measurements around 30,000 square feet, the six-structure spreads across 1.56 acres.



According to Refin, the mansion last sold in 2013 for $15 million, and had the entire structure rebuilt recently by Irish film McKeillen Developments.

According to a source no expenses were spared in design or execution of the estate.



A famous architect Paul McClean, who also designed the $500 million mansion in Bel-Air, designed the luxurious property.

The couple who lived in LA for years, did not buy any homes yet.


But it was not because they didn’t try to buy one, but because simply got outbid. For example, the Minecraft creator Markus Persson outbid them for another luxurious LA home.



Last year, the fashion designer, Tom Ford, outbid them for a Beverly Hills mansion, last owned by Albert Broccoli, who is known to produce James Bond films.





Perhaps the third time is a charm, right? Jay Z and Beyonce are about to move in a brand new home by the end of the year if their offer is accepted.

Do you think that they will manage to win this? Tell us in the comments below!

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