15 Things You Didn’t Know About Jellysmack

4 May 2021

You Must Have Heard a Lot About Something Called Jellysmack in Relation To Content Creators. Find Out What It Is All About.

They’re one of the top media companies in the world.

Their managed content boasts 10 billion global monthly video views.

And their name is… Jellysmack and here are 15 Things you didn’t know about them.  

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Without further ado, let’s get straight into the article.


Who and What Are Jellysmack?

Michael Philippe, Robin Sabban, and Swann Maizil co-founded Jellysmack in 2016.

Their goal? To source and develop the most talented video creators in the world through technology. Using their data and video optimization tools, Jellysmack are able to maximise the income stream.

Along with their 10 billion plus monthly video views, Jellysmack also boast 125 million unique US users, which is nearly 45% of all Americans each month.

Let’s break it down:

  •         10 billion plus monthly video views.
  •         6 billion plus monthly story views.
  •         125 million plus unique monthly US visitors.

More About the Creators of Jellysmack

We mentioned, Jellysmack was founded by Michael Philippe, Robin Sabban and Swann Maizil. The trio are all from France.

Before creating Jellysmack, Michael and Robin co-founded LeKiosk. LeKiosk was the number 1 digital newsstand in Europe. According to digiday.com, it cost $9.97 to subscribe to LeKiosk each month and had well over 1 million monthly subscribers.

It’s still going but is now called Cafeyn.

Swann was the founder and CEO of The Sport Dealer.

The 3 entrepreneurs have all achieved their Master’s: Robin and Swann from the Universite Paris Dauphine and Michael from ESCP Business School. Robin went on to get a 2nd Master’s at ESCP.

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Why the Bizarre Name, Jellysmack?

Originally called Keli Network, the hard to forget name change, Jellysmack, was inspired by a group of jellyfish commonly called a “smack.”

An increased number of jellyfish is called a bloom or a swarm, but we don’t think Jellybloom or Jellyswarm is nearly as catchy!

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What Genres Do Jellysmack Cover?

Anything and everything…

However, their strategy builds its success on scaling their own channels. There are 5 of them:

  •         Beauty Studio
  •         Oh My Goal!
  •         Gamology
  •         Riddle Me This – which according to partechpartners.com was “a unique animated riddle show that was featured in a FB blog post as one of the “best practice shows” on the Facebook Watch platform.” And finally…
  •         Genius Club

They have since added House of Bounce, Crowned Ladies, Binge Society, and Beauty Wow.


Jellysmack Are Community Driven

Following Jellysmack on LinkedIn is highly recommended. The team are all about posting, sharing, educating, informing, and looking out for their community.

Just one example of many, was National Superhero Day, where they went and celebrated parents. As they said, “It’s #NationalSuperheroDay and we want to celebrate all of our Jellysmackers who are parents! You have worked tirelessly this past year juggling Slack, video calls, homework, Zoom school (and probably a lot of YouTube Kids). We’re so proud of your resilience, positivity, and patience. You are true heroes, with or without a cape!”

On Women’s Day, they thanked their female content creators, “Who run the world of creators? Girls! Shout out to all of our hard-working, dynamic, and talented female creators who absolutely killed it in 2020!”

And if that’s the kind of company you’d like to work for, we’ll you’re in luck… as you’ll find out next.


They’re Hiring

Jellysmack are on the lookout for Community Managers, and you can apply. They’ve recently posted a video on LinkedIn where Virgil Houssou and Zoé Dreadon explain the role of the Community Manager and the importance of the position.

Most importantly, the job is turning viewers into a community – which is no small feat considering the millions of viewers watching their content. As Jellysmack explains, Community Managers “bridge the gap between creators and fans by driving engagement and gathering feedback.”


Fintok: Word of Advice From Jellysmack

As we mentioned, Jellysmack are really interested in the well-being of their community and they’re all about educating and offering solid advice.

This was evident in an article on LinkedIn, where they focused on FinTok.

FinTok is a bit like TikTok except financially themed.

As thenationalnews.com reported, “the FinTok hashtag has been driven by an explosion in bored novice traders signing up for commission-free trading platforms such as Robinhood, eToro, and Interactive Brokers… during the pandemic lockdowns.”

This article was published in February of this year, and Jellysmack were on it 7-months ago via LinkedIn. As Jellysmack mentioned, it’s important to know where your investors and informers are getting their info from before making any financial decisions.


Let’s Meet Some of Their Clients

  •         Azzyland
  •         Karina Garcia
  •         Infinite
  •         Reaction Time
  •         Nate Garner
  •         Brad Mondo
  •         Charles & Alyssa Forever

And then saving the best for last are MrBeast and PewDiePie, but more on them a little later. If you’re a Mr Beast fan, be sure to watch our video – 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Mr Beast.

Let’s see how Jellysmack have helped Charles And Alyssa earn 6 figures a month!


Charles and Alyssa Are Making 6 Figures Thanks to Jellysmack

We begin with the words of Charles Davis, “We were doing good on YouTube and we were making a good living,” but you can go on YouTube and make three months’ worth of checks, and you’ll make that in one month working with Jellysmack.”

The beauty about teaming up with Jellysmack is the couple not only have an incredibly YouTube following, but they’ve increased their Facebook following exponentially. They’ve now gotten Jellysmack to manage their Instagram and TikTok accounts as well.



Figures and Finance

With headquarters based in New York City, Jellysmack is funded by 8 investors. The company have raised $22 million in funding over 3 rounds. The last funding raised was in 2019, from a Debt Financing round according to crunchbase.com.

Two of their investors are Partech and Interplay Ventures.

The post-money valuation of Jellysmack is estimated between $50 million and $100 million.


Couples Were the Popular Choice This Valentine’s Day – and Here’s Why

According to finance.yahoo.com, social media audiences were enamoured by couple’s content leading up to this years Valentines Day. Like Charles And Alyssa as one example.

Jellysmack currently has around 30 couples on their exclusive Creator Program.

In 2020, couples in this program generated over 10.3 billion views on Facebook! That’s not including other mediums.  

Leading up to Valentine’s day, these couples saw a surge in views. Montana & Ryan had an increase of 10 million views in the 7 days leading up to the day of love. Charles & Alyssa Forever had a 279% increase in TikTok views and Riss & Quan also saw a big jump in viewership figures.

As Amber Tarshis, Chief Marketing Officer at Jellysmack puts it, “I think that creator couple videos overperform because fans enjoy living vicariously through their antics…”


PewDiePie Signs Deal With Jellysmack

This is both a massive deal for Jellysmack and PewdiePie, who will both see long-term benefits from this collaboration.

PewDiePie has signed a multi-year deal for the team to get his YouTube content onto Facebook. He currently has 110 million subscribers and coupled with his meme-and-Minecraft-focused channel, receives around 200 million views each month.

As Jellysmack reports via tubefilter.com, “The goal is to “activate and expand” Kjellberg’s Facebook audience by using proprietary tech to put Facebook-optimized versions of his YouTube videos in front of targeted viewers.”

From one popular YouTuber to another…


Jellysmack Partners With MrBeast

Much like PewdiePies agreement with Jellysmack and putting his YouTube content on Facebook, MrBeast is doing the same but is adding Snapchat to the deal.

Michael Philippe, Jellysmack co-founder, and co-CEO said, “Our entire team is thrilled to be partnering with MrBeast to expand his online community and grow his brand.”

MrBeast currently has 61.2 million subscribers and is hoping to generate more revenue so that he can continue on his philanthropic journey.

So, who else has Jellysmack recently added to their portfolio? Let’s find out.

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Jellysmack Announces 49 Additions to Their Creator Programme

The first quarter of 2021 has been busy for Jellysmack, as they’ve signed on 49 new additions to their Creator programme.

The top 6 new additions according to YouTube audience size include PewdiePie and Mr Beast, and then there’s:

  •         Tanner Fox – Genre: Vlog, 10.4M subs
  •         The Funk Bros – Genre: Challenge, 6.3M subs
  •         MoreJStu – Genre: Challenge, 5.9M subs
  •         Cartoon Hooligans – Genre: Storytelling, 3.7M subs

Jellysmack’s new additions are from 6 different countries, and include a diverse interest range including reaction, vlogging, couples, crafts, true crime, parenting, food, and beauty.


Creator Program Success Stories

Sharing success stories of this media company are inspiring.

One of our favourites is EmmyMade! She’s brilliant on camera. She’s pretty much taste tested everything, tried to make and cook things that were popular hundreds of years ago and gone back to using some bizarre utensils that need a lot of explaining.

We really enjoyed her recent upload, What Does Mayo POPCORN SALAD Taste Like? And if you’re wondering, well, she says it’s “not half bad, just imagine a coleslaw that’s made with a miracle whip base and popcorn instead of the slaw.”

Since she’s teamed up with Jellysmack, she’s brought on 4 million new followers onto her Facebook page!

To highlight some creators, we mentioned earlier:

  •         Azzyland – added 4.1 million subscribers across social media.
  •         Karina Garcia – increased her following by 2.5 million followers.
  •         Infinite – up by 4.1 million followers.
  •         Reaction Time – increased their numbers by 7.1 million!
  •         Nate Garner – added an additional 1.1 million subs.



Who of these creators do you follow online? We’d love to hear from you.