10 Countries With The Highest Job Opportunities

24 April 2015

Countries Where Job Opportunities Look Fantastic

Foreigner or not at some point you are getting tired of your job and want to try something else and here are the countries with the highest job opportunities.

While the ranking was based on the number of jobs available, the percentage of people who are optimistic about it and the employment and unemployment rate it was pretty hard to decide which one is the best.

Adding, the quality of the job and the amount of hours worked, paid vacation and other benefits, tangled the situation and picking the right country was a little bit confusing.

But finally the recap gave us the possibility to find the countries which have the best job opportunities.

The country with the highest rates in all of the criteria won giving you the chance to see where job opportunities look the best.

10. United Kigdom

If you are optimistic and think that you can find a job in a foreign country just try the United Kingdom, a country where statistics show that the employment rate is 73%.

Job opportunities were always fruitful here and most of the people concentrate on London, which is the city with the most available jobs in all the country, the highest paying jobs and an easy job market for those in the medical, economic and finance divisions.

With over 700.000 jobs units available the entire United Kingdom is our number ten country where job opportunities look bright, considering that the chance to be fired or the chance to be unemployed here is a bit low, only 5,9 percent of the working population having the chance to be one of the two, unemployed of fired.

#10 United Kingdom | Countries With High Job Opportunities | Image Source: en.wikipedia.org
#10 United Kingdom | Countries With High Job Opportunities | Image Source: en.wikipedia.org
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