$28.5 Million for Millbrook Mansion Owned by Johnson & Johnson Heiress

3 November 2016

Lightening farm is the name of this $28.5 million Johnson & Johnsons Millbrook Mansion. Despite its giant-sized price tag, the Lightening Farm boasts uniquely exquisite features. For instance, you can get home with lightning speed by helicopter, since the mansion has its own grass helipad.

A large Johnsons Millbrook mansion has hit the market for $28.5 million. The owner is Elizabeth Ross Libet Johnson, an heiress to a family who founded the healthcare company Johnson & Johnson.

It seems Ms. Johnson has a passion for high-end real estate.

It was nearly a month ago when she failed to find a buyer for her Upper East Side home. As a result, she relisted her $55 million property as a $95,000 a month rental.

Anyhow, Ms. Johnson doesn’t seem to be completely done with her real estate plays.

If she finds a buyer for her farmhouse, it will set a record for Millbrook. Due to the fact that the highest price someone has ever paid for a house in the village is $18.75 million.

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Johnsons Millbrook Mansion
The main house has a Greek Revival architectural style. 

Also known as ‘Lightening Tree Farm’, Johnsons Millbrook mansion was firstly bought by Ms. Johnson around 1980. She later expanded her property by buying its neighboring lands as well.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion
clever arrangement of top design furniture, as well as heavy wallpaper, ceates unique elegance.

Plenty of Outstanding Features

So what does it get you to pay $28.5m for this luxury farmhouse 90 miles north of New York City?

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion
The spiral staircase in the main lobby. 

The lavish property includes large main house built in 1850, four guesthouses, and horse riding facilities. The main house has a Greek Revival architectural style. It measures 18,000 square feet, and has nine bedrooms.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion
In addition to all the outstanding features, the main house itself is truly unique.

Private Helipad on Grass

There is also over 600 spectacular acres of land with a private helipad. In fact, Johnsons Millbrook mansion is one of only a few private homes to have this feature: you could land your chopper right in front of your home.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion
Land your private helicopter right in front of your home. 

‘Old-timey’ Impression

Given that Johnsons Millbrook Mansion was built in 1850, the main house offers a stunning ambiance which takes you back to old times.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion

Greek Revival Garden

A magnificent garden with statues, stone cases, a swimming pool and fountains are only a few sublime features of the luxury mansion.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion
The statues and the ivy create a lovely setting, which is also perfect for an ultimate romantic experience. 

Don’t forget the superb decor of the interiors which adds to the classic vibe of the house.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion

Gorgeous views of the ground

The rolling green hills of Millbrook form a dramatic backdrop to the farm house.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion
Due to the unique setting of the mansion, there is spectacular scenery from all angles you could imagine.

Serene and Peaceful Charm

Regardless of all the outstanding features, it’s the magnificent main house itself which makes the property stand out.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion
Apparetly Ms. Johnson and her children no longer spend time in that area because they have homes elsewhere.

Rare Attention to Details

Johnsons Millbrook mansion boasts classic interiors with 18th century craftsmanship and unique architectural details.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion

Interiors with Classic Decor

In the lobby, neat decorations together with the intricate molding and a spiral staircase, captures much attention.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion
The lobby. 

Brilliant arrangement of top design furniture, along with heavy wallpaper, adds to the 18th century vibe.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion
In a word, the interiors are truly sumptuous. 

A great instance of artful decor of the house, is the dining room which features aqua wallpaper and gorgeous pink chairs.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion
Aqua wallpaper and gorgeous pink chairs in the dining room, are indeed great instances of artful decor. 

It’s worth mentioning the entertaining room and library as well, which is in one word plush.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion
The interiors are comfortable albeit lush.

Top Design Bedrooms

And this is the inside of one of the nine luxury bedrooms.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion

Bedrooms have distinctive decor compared to one another.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion
A garden view bedroom. 

It’s Movie Time!

Johnsons Millbrook mansion has a movie theater, ballroom and an elevator as well.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion

Endless Scenery from All Angles

Due to the unique setting of the mansion, outside the house there is spectacular scenery from all angles you could imagine.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion

As can be seen, the statues, stone cases and the ivy make for an exquisite setting, perfect for an ultimate romantic experience.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion
Trees, Statues and fountains form a dramatic view in the background 

At the north of the property, a reflecting pool exudes a serene feeling. It also accentuates the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion
A reflection pool together with a fountain in the north of the property, evokes a feeling of being in a French chateau. 

The limestone swimming pool with pool houses and a changing space around, is equally sumptuous.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion
Out rests a swimming pool which is also surrounded by pool houses. 

Horse Riding Facilities

A stable and a riding arena will fulfill all your equestrian needs.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion
Besides all the outstanding features, there are great equestrian facilities. 

Inside the stable, there is room for around 20 horses.

Johnsons Millbrook Mansion

Apparently, Ms. Johnson and her children no longer spend time in that area because they have homes elsewhere. However, Ms. Johnson will still keep one of their working farms in the neighborhood.

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