15 Things Kevin Hart & The Rock have in Common

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    The Bromance between These Two Isn’t a Secret to Anyone. Here Are Some Details about Their Friendship.

    Just when you thought the bromance of all bromances was Elon Musk and Kanye West, we’re here to share another unlikely pair – Kevin Hart and The Rock. Today we’re finding out 15 Things Kevin Hart & The Rock have in Common

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    Without further ado, let’s move forward with the article.


    Where They Met and What Sparked off Their Bromance

    Dubbed “The Most Powerful Bromance in Hollywood,” by Urban Daddy, Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson – AKA DJ – allegedly met at an award ceremony quite a few years, with The Rock affirming they had  both always wanted to work with each other.

    Their dream came true, because they’ve since done several movies together. 

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    Movies They Have Been in Together

    There was 2016’s Central Intelligence, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw saw a small appearance by Hart, released in 2019. We can add Jumanji: The Next Level and Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle.

    Soon, we’ll tell you all about a new project that the duo is working on together.

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    They Love Ripping Each Other Off

    There’s been this long-running pretend feud between the pair, where they burn, tease and play tricks on each other – just like you’d expect from brothers.

    They troll each other mercilessly and are always commenting on each other’s social media posts. When DJ’s third child was born, Tiana, he did a little computer work and put Hart’s face in place of Tiana’s… for the first time ever, Hart had no comeback!

    Coming up, we’ll share the pet name that DJ has for Hart.


    There Are No Egos When the Duo Are Working on a Movie Together

    Sharing the limelight comes easy for The Rock and Hart, and in an article by Courier Post, they affirm that Hart said, “…neither he nor Johnson ever tried to outdo the other on the set, preferring to share the jokes and action 50/50.”

    Keen to know what DJ calls Kevin Hart? It’s “Snack-sized Denzel.”


    The Friends Will Step in to Help Each Other, Even on Honeymoon

    Like the time Johnson left his honeymoon earlier when he heard Hart had been in a car accident, and the other time when Johnson went onto Kelly Clarkson’s Talk Show, as her first official guest, to stand in for Hart when he was still recovering from his car accident.

    As Dwayne Johnson tweeted, “When my son @KevinHart4real goes down with an injury, his big daddy steps in. I did leave my honeymoon early (Lauren approved cos she LOVES Kelly) and now me and Kelly are new best friends.”

    You maybe wondering about the son comment, here’s why…


    The Rock Calls Hart His Son

    If you see the size difference between the guys, well, Hart could almost pass off as DJ’s son. This joke has been on-going, for example, after the accident we just mentioned – The Rock said “Everything is good, I spoke with Kevin, I actually refer to him as my son… And you know what? These things happen in life and thankfully he was strapped in nicely to his car seat. That’s real love.”


    They Both Have Action Figures

    These action figures were enough to open a whole can of worms between Johnson and Hart, because even though they’re meant to depict the guys – the proportions are a little off.

    For starters, they’re the same height… and then DJ has hair…

    As Hart Tweeted, “This might be the funniest/best gift ever. Major thank you to my @mountaindew family for surprising me with this…and also thank you for making me look so much better than @therock ….He looks so stupid!!!”


    The Rock Reveals Kevin Hart Will Be a Voice in a New Movie

    We mentioned there would be a new project that the pair will work on together, and Dwayne Johnson has confirmed that Hart will lend his voice to DC League of Super-Pets, along with Keanu Reeves and Kate McKinnon.

    Wiki gives a synopsis of the May 2022 release, “The pets of DC superheroes (Superman’s dog, Krypto; Batman’s dog, Ace the Bat-Hound; Wonder Woman’s kangaroo, Jumpa; and Supergirl’s cat, Streaky the Supercat) form a crime-fighting team of their own…”

    And Aluxers, we can’t wait!


    They Hosted the 2016 Mtv Movie Awards

    On top of presenting the Comedic Genius Award to Ryan Reynolds for his role in Deadpool, the pair, along with Adam DeVine, Anthony Mackie, and Rebel Wilson performed a “25th Anniversary Tribute Rap”.

    This ceremony was unique in that it was the first one held outdoors, the first one pre-recorded and not live and the first to be hosted by two people…. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart.

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    They’ve Appeared on the Adorable Show Together

    This is the most adorable thing you will ever see on YouTube. Dwayne Johnson wearing a unicorn t-shirt, and Kevin Hart doing a cute dance… on the Adorable show with Josh Horowitz.

    We don’t want to spoil it for you guys, so we suggest you just check it out… it’s cuteness overload!


    They Are Both Extremely Proud of Each Other

    While their friendship may be based on jokes and burns, the pair are also proud of each other. This was clear in 2019 when Kevin Hart was honoured with his Hand and Footprint Ceremony, The Rock was right there by his side, celebrating with him. Added bonus, Will Ferrel was there as well!


    Who Wore It Better?

    Kevin Hart dressed up as The Rock for Halloween… As reported by CNN, “Hart donned the now famous 90s look of Johnson in a black turtleneck, gold chain, jeans and a fanny pack.”

    Aluxers, do you think Hart would support DJ as president? Stick around to find out.


    They like Wearing Similar Clothes

    There have been a couple of instances when Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart have donned similar outfits.

    When they appeared on the Ellen show, they both wore red– look it was Christmas – but it was still sweet. Many viewers commented that they needed their own talk show, they were so entertaining.  

    At the German premiere of Jumanji, they also both wore similar looking checked suits.


    Both Are Firm Believers and Supporters of Anti-bullying

    According to ET Canada, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart were both victims of bullying. They surprised 275 teenagers at a high school in New York City to spread an anti-bullying message and reminded the teens to “push themselves towards greatness.”

    They added, “Our message to everybody here is to be great. If you are a person who’s been bullied, we encourage you to speak up… You all have a bright future. You know why you have a bright future? Because you all are your own destiny.”


    One of Their Favourite Things to Argue About

    Who will retire first!

    In an interview with Cinema Blend, Hart claims he will be the first to retire. Johnson wasn’t so certain, describing Hart as an energiser bunny, with little chance of slowing down.

    We hope neither, so we can continue seeing the unlikely pair in more movies together in the future.


    Who is your favourite? The Rock or Kevin Hart?

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