Kylie Jenner Launches Her New Lip Kit

9 December 2015

 Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Hits The Market

     The Kylie Jenner Lip Kit hits the market, we’re all familiar with her, an ordinary 18 year old born into a famous family: her mother Kris, was married to Robert Kardashian, O. J.  Simpson’s lawyer. After his death she  later got  remarried to athlete Bruce ( now Caitlin ) Jenner. Kylie is the youngest member of the family, she has made her debut on the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” at the early age of 10.

     Although she was born into money, Kylie decided to pursue a career of her own and began her modeling career with the Sears line “Crush Your Style” . Later on she appeared on the cover of various magazines including Cosmopolitan Teen Vogue, Marie Claire Mexico, Seventeen, Remix, Seventeen Prom and Girlfriend.

     Kylie has also done charity work, as she set up an eBay account where she auctions her old clothing to raise money for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

     In early 2015, while KJ was still a 17 year old, she admitted to having gotten lip injections, after failing to convince people that her giant transformation was only due to her makeup skills.

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     Kylie said that her lips always were ”an insecurity of hers” and that she decided to get them fixed so she could be more confident.
While her new pout brought her a lot of attention, she decided to make good use of it and went into the business of creating lip products in the form of the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit. She teased people on Instagram with lip shades supposedly from said kit.

2B77253B00000578-3202207-image-a-2_1439902741822 Kylie Jenner Lip Kit
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      When her fans became more and more interested in her products, she chose not to ruin the surprise and just said that The KJLK is a project she has been working on for almost 2 years and that she has been very meticulous about it, as in: she had been to the factories and tried to develop the perfect colour and formula.

Every kit includes a lip liner and a matte liquid lipstick.

161 Kylie Jenner Lip Kit
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This is what the Matte Liquid Lip bottles look like:

IMG_0017 Kylie Jenner Lip Kit
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And this what the Pencils look like:

Screen-Shot-2558-11-30-at-10.02.26-AM Kylie Jenner Lip Kit
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They come in three shades: Dolce K, Candy K, and TrueBrown K.

Kylie-Jenner-Lip-Kit-Swatches Kylie Jenner Lip Kit
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 Dolce K

tumblr_nym3ybFUTb1u29bivo1_1280 Kylie Jenner Lip Kit
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Candy K

nuevo-kit-labial-Kylie-Jenner_84251888_270165_1706x1706 Kylie Jenner Lip Kit
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TrueBrown K

tumblr_nyngpz1KFg1t75baio1_1280 Kylie Jenner Lip Kit
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     If you got excited and already want to buy The Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, you should be warned, although they were launched almost a week ago ( november 30th ) , they were sold out in minutes, so you have to wait the re-stocking to be able to get them, on her website for $29 each.