15 Ways to Live La Dolce Vita

28 May 2021

Do You Want to Live Life to the Fullest? Find Out How You Can like Life la Dolce Vita.

Hello Aluxers! Everyone has heard the words “dolce vita” (literally, “sweet life”) at least once. Immediately pictures of the Bel Paese come to mind. Technically this term refers to a specific time and place of the Italian history. More recently, it has come to identify a certain lifestyle which involves good food, great company and slow enjoyment of every aspect of life.

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Reading a long boring article is certainly not the way to live la dolce vita. Switch over to the interesting video version of this article:

With that done, let’s find out 15 ways to make every day of your life a little bit sweeter.


Go Mediterranean

There’s a reason why in 2010 the UNESCO has named the Mediterranean diet as an intangible heritage of humanity: not only foods prepared following this model taste great, but they’re also an elixir for your health.

Scientific tests have proven over and over that following the Mediterranean food model can decrease risk of a number of diseases and even have a positive effect in fighting cancer.

And Aluxers, no one does the Mediterranean diet like the Italians! Food is a matter of pride in Italy, with every region and even every town identifying with their typical dishes and produces.

The best part is, it is surprisingly simple to eat like an Italian! All you have to do is follow two simple rules: One, select fresh ingredients; Two, keep it simple.

There’s nothing better than a pizza margherita made with organic tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, or a dish of spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino. So ditch the canned food and let nature inspire you!


Cappuccino E Brioche, per Favore!

As we said, food is a fundamental element of the Italian culture, but it is not just about what you eat: it is how you eat it.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day if you want to get started in the right way. How many times have you rushed out of the house without having had breakfast, or just grabbed a coffee on the go which probably didn’t even taste that good?

Well, that’s something you need to change if you truly want to live la dolce vita!

Slow down, sit at a café, choose your favourite drink and pastry, and enjoy every sip and every bite while you watch life flowing around you.


It All Starts at 6pm

As an anonymous very wise person once said: “Start the day with a smile, end it with a Spritz”! There’s nothing better after a long week (or day!) of work to meet up with some friends at a bar and laugh it off while enjoying an aperitivo.

Especially on Fridays, at 6pm bars in Italy fill up with people deciding to shake off all the stresses of the workweek and kick off the weekend in style.

Try an Aperol Spritz: it’s 3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol, a dash of soda water and garnished with a slice of orange.

If you’re lucky enough to live close to a vineyard, you can also opt for a more sophisticated aperitif. Go for a local white wine under a porch overlooking luxuriant hills covered with vines.

The Italians always favour local produce which brings us to the next point.


“Km 0” Is the New Black

With an increased awareness of environmental protection, more and more people are looking for a more sustainable way of producing and living.

Country markets are benefiting greatly from this trend, but there’s also another habit that’s becoming popular these days. Growing one’s own vegetables and fruits is one of the activities which Italians have rediscovered particularly during the pandemic.

It allows you to spend time outdoors, it’s something you can do with family and friends and it’s extremely rewarding, not to mention it has zero impact on the environment and the food you’ll consume is no doubt way healthier than anything industrially produced.

For those of you living in cities, don’t worry: green walls and balcony vegetable gardens are the rage now! So go to your local garden store and have fun growing your own food.


Take Your Time

We know Aluxers, as you heard us talking about growing vegetables the immediate thought was: “Who the heck has time for that?!”.  And we totally understand – but that’s just the secret to living la dolce vita: slow down, breathe deeply and take your time.

Whether it is to enjoy your favourite hobby, savour a glass of Chianti, or spend time with your loved ones, we highly recommend you to stick your watch in a drawer, leave your phone inside and really live in the moment.

Life is hectic and no one believes in hustling hard to reach your goals more than we do. Still, to live a good life, there must be a balance between crazy work and sweet downtime. If you want more hints on how to reach this blissed state of being, check out our video on Fine Living.


Value Relationships

What are the joys of life if they are not shared with the people we love?

Family and friends are the spice of life and there’s nothing more enjoyable than getting together on a summer evening at a friend’s house for a barbecue, or celebrating a family birthday at a cute restaurant – just basking in the company of the people we care for.

Just remember that experts indicate conviviality as one of the founding pillars of the Mediterranean diet, so get together and party on!


Style over Fashion

Italian stylists are renowned all over the world and their creations are considered as true works of art.

Although many of them do also set fashion trends, what they have been able to create is in fact a very distinctive style.

Style means unique and timeless features which are immediately recognizable and unmistakable. Take time to find out what your style is: experiment with different outfits until you find your identity and never forget to always prefer quality over quantity.


Beauty above All

Close your eyes a moment and think about Italy: what do you see? Incredible landscapes, ranging from snowy mountains to shimmering seas; spectacular architecture; unrivalled art.

In one word: beauty.

After all, what’s the final meaning of la dolce vita if not taking your ordinary and making it more enjoyable by adding a little beauty to it?

It’s like adorning a simple dress with a carefully selected accessory, or creatively dishing out your food instead of mindlessly serving it… or adding flowers to a cold room to give it light  -you get the picture!

Let beauty guide you and inspire you, and you’ll be half-way there to living a sweeter life.


Mind the Details

Did you know that the great Renaissance artists Leonardo and Michelangelo used to study corpses? They wanted to understand the exact anatomy of the human body to reproduce it in their works.

It’s thanks to this fine attention to detail that they’ve become the most renowned artists in the world – and have remained so for centuries!

Now Aluxers, we’re not asking you to start hanging out at morgues nor anything else creepy! A little does go a long way!

Look up during your commute to work and really take in the view around you. Smile to a stranger passing you by in the street and enjoy their pleasantly surprised reaction. Enjoy an ice cream sitting on a bench in the park while watching kids play. Turn off the TV and immerse yourself in a book. Ask your loved ones how their day was.

Remember: beauty is in the details.


Less Is More

We won’t stress it enough, Aluxers: ‘more’ hardly ever means better.

A closet full of clothes doesn’t make you more elegant and a cluttered home doesn’t make you wealthier.

When it comes to life’s true pleasures, focus on quality instead of quantity and be very particular with your choices.

This is actually where most people get it wrong when they think about what living la dolce vita means. For many, it conjures up pictures of excess, of vulgar luxury, of oafish displays of abundance – but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

As we said: beauty is in the details, and a true connoisseur of the dolce vita will always prefer a solitary glass of wine sitting on a terrace at sunset – than an A-list party on a billionaire’s yacht.



Did you know that Italy and China are the 2 countries with the highest number of protected natural sites in the world?

Italy is first and foremost its landscape. It defines the habits and traditions of people, as well as their life rhythms. It is part of their identity and people feel almost a maternal attachment to their land.

So, next time you’re on a beach, plunge your toes in the sand or let the undulating motion of the sea cradle you. You’ll be amazed at the powerful effects nature has if you only allow yourself to listen to it.



If you ever had the chance to go to Italy, you know that there’s history in every brick; the whole country is covered in mementoes of this country’s rich and complex story.

Italians are born in this environment and almost unconsciously embody even now the patchwork of cultures, traditions and events which crossed Italy throughout the centuries.

If you want to understand yourselves a little bit better, it might be worth it to stick your nose in some history books and learn more about what brought us to where we are today.

Get curious about the historical sites in your area and look for curiosities and stories from its past – guaranteed you’ll learn something interesting!

If you want to know more interesting facts about Italy, check out 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Italy


Sit Down and Listen

One of the deepest wounds caused by Covid-19 has been the loss of many elderly people, particularly during the first months of the pandemic.

Old people are our historical memory, they are the archives of our family and community traditions: without them, a part of our identity is lost.

So next time your Granny wants to teach you a family recipe or your Grandpa decides to tell you the story of his life – from when he owned nothing to how he managed to give his family a dignified existence – just sit down, shut up and listen!


Simple Is Rich

Simplicity is the essence of la dolce vita. It works in every aspect of this lifestyle, from self-care to clothing, from food to home design.

Avoid or get rid of anything that adds to your stress, anything that doesn’t make you happy, or that makes you waste your time.

In the end, there is only one true luxury in life: the time you have at your disposal and the possibility of deciding how to use it. If you fill your life with clutter and things or people that do not align with your soul, you’re bound to more poverty than you may imagine.


Enjoy the Sun

Yes, we know, Aluxers: the sun shines everywhere in the world. That’s a fact but for la dolce vita lover, the sun is not just a means to keep track of the passing hours: the sun is emotion.

Sunrise is not just an “Oh God, yet another day!”. It’s the awakening of nature, it’s the sound of the coffee machine as you open the windows, it’s the last stolen moment of a wonderful night out. The sun is life, so go out, let its rays sink in your skin and enjoy yourself! – just don’t forget the SPF!


And there you have it, Aluxers – 15 ways to live a more dolce vita. But now we’re curious: which point inspired you the most, and what can you do to make your life a little sweeter every day? Please share with us in the comments!