Instagrammers Now Fly to this Laucala Island Resort in Fiji to Take Amazing Pictures

16 July 2017

This Laucala Island Resort, Fiji is the Perfect Spot for ‘Belfies’ Pictures for Your Instagram

Seems like, this Laucala Island Resort, Fiji has become the perfect spot for ‘belfies’ pictures for your Instagram account.

Who wants to travel to this magnificent place? Find out where you need to go if you want to be in trend.

Turns out, Fiji’s Laucala Island resort has become the place-to-go if you want to take breathtaking pictures for your social media accounts.

The tourists visiting the resort are now taking cheeky belfies around the resort’s infinity pool.

Many people coming to the resort are willing to spend $6,000 per night to visit this hot vacation destination.

But what is a belfie?

While some choose to take snaps of the surroundings, some choose to take playful ‘butt selfies’ in the resort’s infinity pool.

The island, surrounded by turquoise waters laced with sandy beaches and rainforests, is the perfect getaway spot for travelers who want to have a great time.

Also appreciated by the celebrities, this resort is the latest luxury getaway where you can pose for a belfie. Or many.

The island has turned into the home of a more unconventional Instagram trend. Tourists who come here, despite the things they can do, they choose to pose for a belfie, against the glass of the resort’s infinity pool.

Who comes here?

Among the guests, Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel spent their honeymoon at the resort. They, along with other guests choose to take more conventional selfies.

This trend with the belfies started with the model Amanda Wellsh, who shared a snap of her butt pressed up against the glass in a candid shot while a guest of the island.

‘It’s another picture of my behind #sorrynotsorry,’ one woman wrote alongside her own version of the snap.

Thank you @laucalaisland for the most incredible vacation! This place is pure heaven! ??

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Like other trends, not everyone chose to follow this one. Many took romantic pictures with partners or simply smiled for a snap.

Among the island’s amenities you can enjoy the five restaurants and bars, fine dining, the 2,000 meter lagoon style pool and a lot of activities.

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The resort, composed of up to 25 villas, has each one of them described as glamorous versions of traditional Fijian dwellings.

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