Leather Fashion Trends 2013

14 September 2013

Leather Fashion Trends

Let’s talk about the latest Leather Fashion Trends 2013! Who doesn’t love leather? Leather has always been a key component of any autumn-winter wardrobe. When rich leather and soft fabrics get together, it’s a lovefest.

This season it seems like we’re getting a heavier dose of Rock ‘n’ Roll look. Celebrities have been rocking the leather trend at award shows, music videos and music festivals! The luxury fabrics are everywhere. You can find them in any spring/summer or autumn/winter collection.

Here’s what to wear this season, keep in mind that there is something for everyone. Be inspired and let’s get ready for this amazing trend!

Leather Fashion Trends 2013 - EALUXE.COMHave you ever wanted to really own the leather look? I mean totally owning the look, and feeling irresistible and full of confidence whilst you are wearing it. Lacking self-confidence? Believe me, you’re going to feel amazing in a leather dress or just wearing a leather jacket! Don’t be scared to try something new.

What’s the best way to own the leather look? Well, let’s start with something easy. Leather leggings, for example, are just like jeans or normal leggings. They don’t feel too different to how you’d expect, and they don’t look that different, either. So grab some that fit well and are comfortable, and try wearing them with a slouchy t-shirt, sneakers and a super cute hat. It’s stylish yet casual, and very comfortable.


Leather leggings can be worn all year round, but they do need some simple style changes. For warmer days, try wearing them with a long sleeveless top made of something light such as linen, and some bold sandals.

Leather Fashion Trends 2013 - EALUXE.COM


Depending on the cut and style, leather dresses can look either downright domineering or sleek and chic. Consider a corset dress with a peplum waist for a night on the town then opt for a streamlined sheath for sophisticated, daytime wear.

Leather Fashion Trends 2013 - EALUXE.COM



There is definitely a range of cuts, styles, colors, and lengths right now, the midi is really hitting the leather a high note by making it stylish and not one bit sleazy.

Leather Fashion Trends 2013 - EALUXE.COM

Leather Fashion Trends 2013 - EALUXE.COM


Without a doubt, this has been the year of leather pants and even leather shirts. This might be a bold statement, but honestly, I don’t think there’s a pair out there right now that I wouldn’t wear. Just remember to balance them with a silky, feminine blouse or a plush sweater for more ladylike.

Leather Fashion Trends 2013 - EALUXE.COM



The leather jacket holds steady as leader of the pack. This season, we’re seeing everything from dropped shoulders with sculpted collars to distressed and double breasted. This is probably the most timeless piece in the bunch.

Leather Fashion Trends 2013 - EALUXE.COM


Combining leather with different fabrics like knit, jersey, suede and cotton turns up the rich texture effect and adds a laid-back quality to any look.

Leather Fashion Trends 2013 - EALUXE.COM

Leather Fashion Trends 2013 - EALUXE.COMSHOES:

Made from leather and side zip opening.

Leather Fashion Trends 2013 - EALUXE.COM

That’s right, the punk trend is having a moment.

If you don’t own a new leather piece for this season, then you have a good excuse to go shopping!

I hope you enjoyed our article about the LEATHER FASHION TRENDS. Let us know what you think in the comments bellow!