Leo Won the Oscar & The reason why this is a huge thing

29 February 2016

Leo Won the Oscar and the reason why this is a huge thing

Leo won the Oscar and it’s a huge thing, not for the money or the fame, because we all know Leo got more famous for not winning rather than actually being given the award.

He has a net worth of almost $250 million dollars and he has starred in some of the world’s best known movies, whether they were romantic syrups like The Titanic or movies that actually taught you a thing or two about life like Inception, Django Unchained or The Revenant, or movies that had you laughing at what you didn’t know is actually today’s society like The Wolf Of Wall Street.

He has partied with the most beautiful models, he has dated some very gorgeous girls like Giselle Bunchen, Blake Lively, Miranda Kerr and Rihanna, but that’s only the surface ladies man that the people see.

You would probably expect any famous actor to own multiple fast cars with engines so big, powerfull and polluting that it’s unhealthy to even be near them.

Well, you know what Leo drives? He used to have a Toyota Prius, because it’s a full hybrid electric car, and now he has an environmental friendly hybrid supercar called Fisker Karma.

Leo won the Oscar
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Not only does he refuse to drive a polluting car, but he is also a vegetarian and a board member of the World Wildlife Fund.

Instead of finding him at the usual celebrity press conferences or in they eye of the paparazzi’s, you will most likely find him in places like the International Tiger Conservation Forum, where he supported the attempt to double the wild tiger populations worldwide from 3,500 to 7,000 by 2022 by donating $1 million.

He even bought an island where he planes to build a luxury, eco-friendly resort as a “groundbreaking in the environmental movement.”

Besides being highly f-able (iykwim) he is also..well..affable and by that I mean that he is one of the most good-hearted celebrities out there, he has been great friends with his Titanic co-star Kate Winslet for 20 years, and the two support each other in every way.

Leo won the Oscar
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Getting to the point of this whole presentation, what really surprised me in his acceptance speech is that he did not follow the standard one.

Oh, not at all, and I don’t even mean the “I’d like to thank everybody…” one.

I mean the one that’s about every day first-world problems like homosexuality, feminism and other issues that are not as important as what he discussed: the fact that the planet, OUR planet, aka the only place where we as a species can survive is being destroyed by us, by all of us, no matter skin colour and sexual orientation.

Yes, nobody in the right mind can deny that he gave an unbelievable performance in The Revenant, and to that extend, in almost all of his movies…but..

Leo won the Oscar, not only for the Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role, but for having the courage to stand out and be a human being.