10 Lessons We’ve Learned This Year

25 December 2020

Tough Times Come With Powerful Lessons – Here’s What We Learned in 2020

Welcome back Aluxers. This is the final article we’re publishing this year. Once again, we asked the Alux Team about some lessons they learned this year, and we compiled them into this list.

Some of them are valuable, some are lessons we learned by looking at the world around us, and some are .. well, interesting, as you’ll see later on.

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Lessons are best retained with visuals. You can switch to the video version of this article:

With that said, let’s jump into the lessons this year brought us.


An Alarming Number of People Don’t Trust Modern Science

It’s honestly astounding, isn’t it? That in these times, with all the information we have available, people who failed high-school biology carry themselves like they know better than world-class epidemiologists.

Pushing the uneducated masses into distrusting science and the media is a brilliant move by some top level decision-makers, because it’s quite literally one of the earlier steps in dismantling a democratic society.

It’s frankly very scary to see the state of affairs in the USA, and those same ideologies are taking hold in Canada as well, moving further away from the fringe and closer to main-stream month by month. It’s up to anyone with a bit of sense to shut that rhetoric down at every opportunity we get.

We truly live in the age of disinformation.


Your Parents Are Probably More Traumatized Than You Are

In a year where so many things happen, nobody knows what’s coming next and we’re all a little scared, traumas get triggered in a lot of us, and for those of us who are finally starting to *see* our parents as people it becomes apparent just how affected they are by their upbringing & early childhood relationships.

It helps bring a lot of things into perspective, especially if you’re struggling yourself with things from your own childhood. Love & understanding go hand in hand, or some sappy line like that.

Our parents did the best they could, just like their parents did their best, too… but our generation has a wider variety of tools in our kit to do things differently, and future generations will be better off as a result (the downside is the resistance from older generations not strong enough to recognize their faults, let alone be willing to understand them and work to better themselves at this point).


How to de-Stress and Disconnect While Working From Home

The Alux team is spread all over the world.

Some of us are digital nomads, some of us work from our own offices, and we’re rarely all in the same place at once.

And while working from home was always a thing there at Alux, this year it felt different for sure.

Not being able to travel or even to go out for that matter, forced us to really crack down how to be efficient and productive at home all the time.

Fortunately, we have a pretty good experience of being disciplined and focused but we definitely had to take it to the next level, this time around, and the holiday break is more than welcomed.


Bread Is Easier to Make Than You Think & Beer Is Harder to Make Than You Think

We’re just gonna leave it like that.

Some of us live in countries which imposed strict regulations on alcohol for some reason, so we tried to make some ourselves. Needles to say, apparently beer is way harder to make than we originally thought.


People Are Resilient

And kids too. Way more than we give them credit for.

All in all it was a hard year, but looking around us, we learned that people can adapt and survive in a lot of situations.

A good example are the Italians, who took to their balconies and sang together.

And there are a lot of examples from different communities with people coming together to help each other and lift the spirits.


How to Stay Grounded

Reality can be overwhelming so you should take a break now and then.

Keeping yourself grounded is super important.

This year, some of us took our time to find our balance and what keeps our feet on the ground.

Just like Eckhart Tolle said:

 “The world is not here to make you happy- it’s here to make you conscious.”


Being in Control Is Powerful

There is this quote from Winston Churchill, we keep throwing around because we love it so much, and it goes like this:

“If you’re going through hell, keep going”

Aluxers, remember that things don’t happen to you, they just happen.

All you can do is decide how you will react to it, and that’s how you gain control.

Having a solid grip on your life is an empowering feeling and we hope more and more of you will get to experience this.

In 2021, let’s make the best out of the things within our reach. Here are 15 Things You Can Control in Life


Work at Your Happiness Early On 

Another thing that some of us figured out recently is defining what happiness means for us and acting on it. We believe that happiness comes when you’re the source of happiness for the people in your circle.

Once you figure out what’s your definition of happiness and you start acting on it, the sunrises will look prettier, the food will taste more delicious and you’ll get to enjoy life from a different perspective.

Give it a try, we promise it will feel amazing.


Money Can’t Buy Health

Sure, having access to modern medicine and living in a low polluted area can all be bought, but actual long lasting health that keeps your body moving and your mind sharp, that’s something you work for every day.

Don’t take your health for granted Aluxers! Plus, you don’t have to follow the Rock’s routine to be healthy. Just make sure you get enough sleep, water and good food, and move your ass daily.

Play the long game on this one!


To Keep Going 

The last of these lessons is to keep going.

Hopefully you’re all safe and healthy out there, you’re getting to spend quality time with your friends and family, even if you see them through a webcam.

Get excited for the next year, have a solid plan, get control of your life, and make sure you keep pushing.

We have an amazing 2021 planned for you, starting super strong with our Goal Mastery course, since you keep asking for it. But more on that next year.

We hope all of you are on your journey to be healthy, happy and rich!

Happy holidays, Aluxers!