Little People in the City – Street Project

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Little People in the City

We are all artists in our own way, but some of us more than others. Today we have prepared for you an amazing artsy project that will blow your mind away!

British street artist Slinkachu has been dropping little people on the streets of London since 2006.

Dropping people, you wonder? Yes, the photographer and blogger is literally placing tiny little miniature figurines in random places around London and Norway.

His first project “Little People in the City” shows miniature men, women and children living their lives on the streets of London.

We love creative people, so let’s have a look at “Little People in the City”!

Little People in the City - Street Project

The artist could be described as a miniaturist. He modifies tiny human figurines from model train sets and places them in real urban situations, capturing them sight-seeing, camping, grocery shopping, fighting and dying.

Little People in the City - Street Project

Asked by a police man what he was doing while gluing some of his plastic persons, Slinkachu casually replied:

“It’s an art thing. Kind of. I take photos of these little people. Then leave them.”

Little People in the City - Street Project

We all feel tiny in the immense world sometimes, but compared to these figurines, are we actually that small?

The street project Little People in the City makes you feel a bit more important, isn’t it?

Little People in the City - Street Project

Slinkachu describes his work as not “thrust in your face”.

“I look at my installations as small slices of drama from everyday life”

Little People in the City - Street Project

The scenes are left hidden on the streets, so there is a big chance nobody notices them before they get lost, but that is exactly what the artist likes about this project.

“There is a high chance that my installations may never be found”

Little People in the City - Street Project

He relates his project to the fear of real people being lost in the big world.

“People are lonely and intimidated by big city life. Their world is full of dangerous things at 1: 87 scale

Little People in the City - Street Project

Little People in the City is one of the most interesting projects we have seen!

So next time you are out and about in London, look down, or you might be missing out on the tiny drama this amazing street project has prepared for you!

If you are interested in seeing more of Slinkachu’s work, visit his official page.

Let us know what you think of  it, or if you already saw a weird tiny figurine looking back at you while in London!

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