How to Live Rich without Being a Millionaire

If You Want to Live like a Millionaire without Breaking the Bank, Here Are Some Ideas for You.

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it sure makes life a little easier. While you create your fortune thanks to your hard work and the valuable suggestions we give you daily in our articles, you can still enjoy a taste of what your life as millionaires will be without breaking the bank.

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Now, let’s see some ways you can enjoy some perks of the millionaire’s life even if you’re not quite there yet.

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If you like big houses, lots of rooms and, why not?!, a swimming pool, then searching for a place outside town is almost mandatory: it might be a little difficult to build a villa in the city centre, unless of course you buy a whole condo for yourself! Apart from that, usually land as well as properties cost a bit less in the towns’ surrounding areas. Also you could customize your house as you wish as there should be less architecturally binding rules to follow.

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No money to invest in a house yet? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered to live like the rich!

You can experience living in a luxury home as a house sitter! The way this works is that people who own houses occasionally want to leave them and go on trips. These can be for any length of time from a few days to weeks or even months.

Rather than their houses sitting empty, they offer them up to people to stay in, usually entirely for free, in return for looking after the property, tending the garden, and generally keeping in in order. In other words, you could get paid to stay in a luxury home: interested?!?



The one thing millionaires are happy to pay for are things that make them save time. So, instead of wasting hours at the airport next time you fly, why don’t you try and rent a private jet?

Renting a jet obviously costs less than owning one, but, depending on the destination and whether you’re traveling alone or in group, it may cost less even than a first-class plane ticket and you get to live like the rich. Plus, you’ll skip all the pains in the b… ahem, in the neck of flying with regular companies: think long cues at check-in, packed planes, small seats, unpleasant travel mates…

The same goes with yachts: renting one for a day probably won’t make you go bankrupt and you’ll enjoy some exciting experience. Just stay clear of Lurssen’s yachts: renting one of those can cost you at least 1,2 mln Euro per week!

Going back to everyday life, have you ever thought of buying a second-hand car? For example: new Mercedes Class C costs approx. USD 83.000 while a second-hand version could cost less than half! Many used cars are also very well kept, therefore you’ll have a great vehicle at half price.



Education is a key that opens many doors. Some of the best universities in the world are extremely expensive, but not all is lost! There are ways you can attend those universities and live at campus even if you’re not rich like Elon Musk’s children!

Check what scholarships and grants each university offers. Keep in mind that while grants are based on need, scholarships depend entirely on academic and athletic merits. In other words, much is up to you when it comes to attending the university you dream about! Get to work and go earn your place there!

Speaking of working, many schools offer free tuition for employees and staff of the school. The terms vary by the institution, since there’s no minimum standard, but many full-time workers may qualify for tuition-free classes. See?! It’s never too late!

If you’re beyond the school years but still want to improve your general level of knowledge, we’re about to share a secret with you. There’s a place where you can go and gather many kinds of information, all for free… The library! In the technological era we live in, it seems outdated to talk about libraries. Get yourself involved with literature, philosophy, history, anything that gets your brain’s wheels rolling! As William Blake said: “Knowledge is life with wings.”

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If you are looking for education courses that you can take for free, check out 15 Most Valuable Learning Websites That Are Free.



Many rich people are art-lovers: they like to fill their homes with beautiful works and support artists in many fields. If you can’t afford art from the Gagosian Galleries, search your town for the young artists meets: you’ll certainly find some unique piece of art and maybe even unearth the new Picasso!

The web can also be helpful in your search for beauty: Etsy, Saatchi Art, Minted, Spacey Studios, and Society6 are just a few websites where you can purchase art at very reasonable prices.

If your budget is a little bigger, you could even venture into the world of NFT’s – or non-fungible tokens – which are becoming a big thing for buying and selling digital art – you can find out more by watching our video 10 Things You Didn’t Know About NFT’s

But if it’s physical art you’re after and you still don’t have your own house to adorn with paintings and statues – you can always quench your thirst for art the old-fashioned way: at museums, collection expositions and open art galleries; It’s in these places you’ll start defining your style and taste so you’re more than ready to buy when you have a big enough budget to make the investment!


Social Life

Networking is fundamental if you want to reach high in life and live like the rich without it draining your bank account!

If you don’t have money to join a gym, go running in the park! Mark Zuckerberg is known to love running outdoors: you may meet interesting people while you also take care of your health.

When we’re younger our idea of socializing can be pretty narrow; Instead of hitting the clubs every weekend – which can be a real drain on your bank balance – why not opt for a more casual evening of socializing in a way often enjoyed by the wealthy: hire a personal chef for the night and invite a select group over to share in a culinary experience together.

Not only is something like this more memorable than hitting the club, but in this environment, you can definitely have more meaningful conversations – bouncing ideas off one another and planning for the future.

Buuuuut If you’re the party guy and you just can’t wait to get out and dance the night away,, try looking for clubs closer to home, not in the city-centre;  in many cases, the vibe will be very similar, while being waaaay less expensive.

However if your heart is set on entering the finest club in town, then the smart move would be to gather up some like-minded friends, go out together & share the costs! you know what they say – the more the merrier!


There we are, Aluxers! We have given you some suggestions on how to enjoy a bit of luxury life without taking out a mortgage! We only covered 5 macro-areas where millionaires normally enjoy a few more advantages than common people, but we are curious: what is your experience? Have you ever done anything millionaire-style in your life without spending a ton of money?

Leave your suggestions in the comments and we’ll get back to the first few of you who will write!

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