10 Things Nobody Will Tell You About Fashion Week

25 February 2015

All You Need To Know About Fashion Week

Fashion Week, everyone talks about it.  Either it’s in New York, London, Paris or Milan, every fashion lover knows about it and dreams of going there.

And after having my own, first experience with London Fashion Week, I must admit, it was not what I expected! Or at least, there were some surprises that came along with it.

It was a great experience which gave me a sneak peak into fashion’s world, and of course, a subject to write about and I looooved it! But there are 10 secrets nobody will ever tell you about Fashion Week!

So without any further talking, let’s have a look at all you need to know about Fashion Week!

Anyone Can Get In

The first thing I would’ve liked to know before going to London Fashion Week, is that… anyone can get in!

I’m sorry for the organizers if, because of me, the next London Fashion Week will have an audience that has doubled, but this is the truth.

If you are not interested in the collections, and you just want to hang out with bloggers, fashionistas and other well-known people in the industry, you totally can!

The Somerset House is open for everyone who wants to join, not including the shows, obviously. So maybe next time you are in the area you can stop and take a pic with your friends!

All You Need To Know About Fashion Week
All You Need To Know About Fashion Week – Anyone Can Get In
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