15 Signs You’re Losing in Life

Realizing You Aren’t Doing Too Good in Life Is the First Step Towards Fixing It. Find Out How.

Does your life suck? Are you unfulfilled, unhappy and bored out of your mind? Maybe!

By the end of this piece you will have a list to check off and if too many of these apply to you, something’s gotta change!

Welcome to the Sunday motivational article Aluxers! This is the cold shower you’ve been waiting for! No bullshit, let’s call it like it is!

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Here are 15 Signs You’re Losing in Life.


You Have No Idea Who the Hell You Are

You’re unsure about your identity. You don’t seem to fit in. You’re feeling lonely.

Everything about you is something you have tried to mimic from someone else and still failed. 

You are not your parents, you’re not the place where you grew up in, you haven’t found your passion or what you’re supposed to do because you have no idea who the hell you are.

The thing is:

Once you know who you are you stop worrying!

Every decision you have to make gets put through the identity filter.

There’s a difference between who you are and who you want to be. If this applies to you, you just have to try a bunch of things and see which ones you like. Don’t borrow from other people! Adapt their traits to your identity!


Everyday Looks Like the One Before

This is another sign you are losing in life and is a big no-no.

If too many days in a row seem to be the same, wake up! You’re not actually living, you’re just waiting to die!

Steve Jobs has a great talk on the topic of looking yourself in the mirror and realising that your life needs to change. You can’t be out there doing the same boring, unfulfilling, repetitive task like a freakin robot and expect life to be fruitful!

You know damn well how hard it is to wake up in the morning knowing you HAVE TO do it the same thing today that you did yesterday!


You Feel like You’re Losing but You Aren’t Changing Anything

Built within ourselves there’s this meter that tells us how well we think we’re doing.

When it comes to signs you’re losing at life, this internal meter tells you the truth.

If your gut feeling tells you that you’re losing at life, or winning at life, it’s correct in its result!

Deep down we know within ourselves if we’re doing well or nah, the problem occurs when despite feeling like it’s all going down the drain you voluntarily choose not to do anything about it.

We have a phenomenal video that has helped thousands of individuals reinvent themselves which you must watch if this is something you’re fighting with.


You Think Your Best Years Are behind You

If you’re best years are behind you, people assume it’s gonna be all downhill from here.

That’s bullshit. This mindset is beyond toxic and negative. Here’s why:

You were taught to think about the mountains in life like a triangle.

You assume this is your highest point and that you’re now on this slope right here.

The wakeup call comes when you realise that mountains, same as life aren’t actually triangles and they look something like this:

You see, there’s more than one peek in life. Although it might be going down, you never know if the previous peek was the highest you’ll ever get to.

As long as you keep moving forward and don’t settle in the valley of misery, your life will inevitably get better.


Your Mind Is a Mess

You’ve got a lot of chaos going on between those two ears of yours don’t you?!

It’s happening during the day, it’s happening when you put yourself to bed at night.. Your mind just won’t stop. You keep replaying over and over again events from your past, imagining how you could’ve said different things to win arguments you know internally that you lost when the moment presented itself.

A clear sign you’re losing in life is that your mind isn’t organised. You’re tired and maybe even depressed. Your mind is asking you for a change… even the word spells it you, as it’s asking you to go into a state of DEEP REST in order to recover, re-evaluate things and see what would be the best way to move forward. 

The problem is you’ve never actually taken the time to address any of these issues, to think deeply about them and find a way to fix it. 

We found the answer in a different kind of meditation. We spent years figuring out what works for people like us with a business mindset and traveled around the world to speak to experts before we put all of it in an experience called Mind Mastery!

It’s a 21 day challenge that deals with not only teaching you how to meditate productively, but it will help you settle the chaos in your mind and provide you with direction moving forward.

The experience is available at alux.com/meditation and if you use the promo code ALUXER, you’ll get 25% off at checkout! Do yourself a favor and invest in a skill that will help you out throughout your life! 


You Feel Envy Towards Others

Envy is just resentment we feel towards others who are living the life we wish we lived ourselves!

You envy in others what you feel like it’s missing in yourself!

You look at these people and they’re successful, they get the attention, the pats on the back, they’ve got a good thing going on, they’re making money, they’re living while your life is as boring as elevator music. 

The only way to move forward from envy is to turn it into inspiration!

Envy is showing you the way! It’s showing you what you must focus on, because deep down that’s what you believe is important and can help you to stop losing in life. 


You Feel like the World Doesn’t See Your True Value and You Resent It

When you think of yourself, you see an image based on what you perceive as your potential. You’re super smart, you’ve got swag, there’s all this untapped potential that others are missing and are not treating you to your real value…

Well… we have to break it to you! You’re not special! You’re actually just as mediocre as everyone else. They all think they have potential. They all think they’re super smart. 

The world doesn’t reward potential, it rewards results!

You keep talking about how great you really are but we’ve never seen a visual! What have you got to show to prove how great you are. For once in your life shut the hell up, put your head down and do something worthwhile and we promise you the world will notice! But you have to do the work first!


You Don’t Have People Close to You Because They See You as Toxic

If everyone around you is into gossip and drama, you are the gossip and drama.

You are the toxic factor, because bad behavior gravitates towards one another. 

This is why your relationship with your parents sucks. This is why you don’t have friends or a loving partner. You’re actually not that nice of a person and people don’t vibe with you!

Sorry to be so harsh, but before you think the world is superficial or insane, figure out if you’d want to have any kind of relationship with you if you met yourself on the street… more often than not the answer is usually: NO.


You’re Drifting with No Direction

We started this list with the idea of not knowing who you are… 

The natural evolution of that idea is the fact that you have no idea where you’re going. You have no direction in life.

You’re sitting on a raft in the middle of this ocean of misery and get carried wherever the current decides to take you. 

The problem with this attitude is that you are waiting for life to bring you to a happy place, while the ocean you’re in is filled with chaos. For every one of us there’s a particular place in life where we would be happy. Until you figure out where that is and start pedalling towards it, you will never be happy or fulfilled. 


You Have a Low Pain Tolerance

You’re scared to be in any type of pain, be it physical or mental. That’s why you’re not in shape.. You’re not willing to put your body through pain in order to build strength. It’s the same with your mind. You’re so scared of failure that you’re not willing to take risks.

So what do you do? You default to playing it safe, quitting and settling for what you already have. It wouldn’t be a problem if what you have makes you happy, but it isn’t. You know deep down that there has to be more to life than this… but you don’t think you can do it.

Probably the most valuable resource on this topic is a book called: CAN’T HURT ME, by David Goggings. It’s an incredible read and David has been an inspiration to us for a while now.

Even better, if you go to alux.com/freebook and sign up today, you can get CAN’t Hurt me as an audiobook for free thanks to our friends at audible who are willing to support our business and our community! It’s free knowledge and if you were waiting for a signs to do something about it, then this is it!


You Treat Yourself Poorly

We’ve learned this fairly early in life and it’s one of the most valuable lessons out there:

The world treats you how you treat yourself!

You’re losing in life because you think of yourself as a loser. People see this and treat you accordingly.

If you don’t take care of yourself, how do you expect others to take care of you?

If you don’t love yourself, how do you expect others to love you?

And this goes on in all aspects of your life.

Start treating yourself better and you’ll see the world start to do the same!


You’re Not Playing the Game, You’re Just a Spectator to Life

You didn’t get to choose where you were born… who your parents are… where you went to school and then a moment came where for a split second you had a choice: get off the trolley or stay on it and ride out the predetermined track…

What did you do then… you went to study what others told you to go study and now you hate it.

You married someone your parents taught is a great fit for you, but isn’t.

Life just happens to you as others make decisions for you. You lack what is called agency. You are not in charge of your life.

If you want to win in life, you have to be willing to play the game of life and in order to do so, you can’t be a spectator, you have to be in the field.


You’re Not Here to Make Friends

Have you noticed that in every reality show there’s that one contestant that says: “I’m not here to make friends… I’m here to win!” and statistically speaking, they never win?!

This happens in life as well. Life is a team sport. You need friends, you need people to support you, to open doors for you, to help you lift heavy shit that you can’t lift on your own… literally and metaphorically. 

This attitude of “screw everybody” isolates you and is brewing inside of you. What chance do you have to win all by yourself when you’re competing with full teams working together. Be strategic and quit the bullshit!


You Go from One Failure to Another

Failures stack one on top of the other. You’re the type of person who wants to quit even before starting.

These failures, be it in your professional or personal life, come from your inability to commit to one serious goal at a time. You’re never all in on things. You never give it your all and that is why you are losing in life.

You want all the upside if there is one but none of the downside if things go south. And this right here is exactly why you’re going from failure to failure, because you’re never willing to alter the outcome in your favor, you’re too busy running chicken when things get complicated.

We’ve heard this in business numerous times. We remember back in the day when Serial Entrepreneur meant you started and sold or still run multiple businesses, not that you started 3 side projects which all failed.

The attempt doesn’t count!

Life doesn’t give you participation trophies.

If you’ve had multiple failures, try learning from them by checking out 15 Lessons Failure Teaches You.


The ultimate sign you’re losing in life is that you dislike your life to the point that you’d either want to start all over or exchange it with the life of someone else.

Both of which are impossible to do. 

Every day you wake up – as cliche as it sounds – is the first day of the rest of your life. The fact that you choose to chain it to the previous days is a choice you make every single day. Your life is the way it is because you don’t do anything about it.

You might not be able to implement dramatic changes, but small changes compound over time. Make one good call after another, fix the small things and in time you will look back on today as the day you started fresh.


So how did you do? How many of these 15 signs apply to you? How many of you have the courage to be blunt and share the results in the comments. It shows maturity and that you’re willing to improve as you have a basis to stand on.

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