Luxurious Fine Dining at the Cliff of Uluwatu, Bali

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    Luxurious Fine Dining at the Cliff of Uluwatu, Bali

    Bali is one of the most popular islands of tourism in Southeast Asia. It offers you its unique beautiful harmony of nature and culture. You will not experience it anywhere else in the world. Where can you experience the best luxurious fine dining moment in Bali?

    Most people think Bali is all about sandy beach, party, or temples. Most people don’t know that Bali offers many luxurious experiences, such as a luxurious fine dining.

    The most recommended place for such experience is Anantara Uluwatu – Bali Resort. Anantara is an international resort chain. You can find its resorts in many countries such as Qatar, Maldives, and Indonesia. In Bali, you can find two Anantara resorts, Seminyak and Uluwatu. For the best luxurious fine dining, Uluwatu is the right place to be.

    Dining at Uluwatu, Bali

    Source: bali-uluwatu.anantara.com

    Dine while you watch the sun sets on the horizon of mesmerizing ocean.

    Who doesn’t like watching the sun set on the horizon? Who doesn’t like gazing towards the ocean? Who doesn’t like fine dining? You can get all of that in just one spot!

    Dining by Design: A private luxurious fine dining

    Anantara Uluwatu – Bali Resort offers the best private experience of luxurious fine dining with its Dining by Design.

    Experience the ultimate in tailor made private dining.  Choose from a collection of fine dining menus, or collaborate with our Executive Chef to craft the ideal culinary sequence. Select the perfect setting from a range of dream resort locations, and then share a magical occasion with impeccable butler service.

    Dining by Design, Anantara Uluwatu - Bali Resort

    Dining by Design, Anantara Uluwatu – Bali Resort (Source: bali-uluwatu.anantara.com)

    This is designed specially for romantic dining. No other people to share with, just you and your significant other. Starting from 2,300,000 IDR (approximately 176 USD) you can get a five course dine (starter, second course, third course, main course, and dessert).

    Cuisine: Asian & International
    Opening Time: From 6:00 pm, advanced reservations required


    Beside this, Anantara Uluwatu – Bali Resort also offers four other luxurious fine dining options. They are 360 restaurant, SOPPO Teppanyaki, Splash, and Dewika Lounge.

    360 Restaurant

    Uluwatu’s sunsets are legendary and our stylish rooftop venue offers the perfect setting to make yourself comfortable and relax while enjoying a variety of our special treats including our latest creation. Admire 180 degree views of an Indian Ocean panorama set against lush green cliffs. Experience evolving culinary journeys that are characterized by local and global flair, the freshest local ingredients and unique recipes.

    Start your day with an extensive breakfast buffet. Choose from a wonderful selection of light and healthy dishes for lunch. Return for sundowner cocktails prepared just the way you like them, or try one of our expert mixologist’s unique island inspired creations at our lounge. Evening dining marries gastronomic excellence with an atmosphere of simple elegance.

    Enjoy your meal with the 180 degree view of the ocean from the hill.

    Enjoy your meal with the 180 degree view of the ocean from the hill (Source: bali-uluwatu.anantara.com)

    360 Restaurant of Anantara Uluwatu – Bali Resort is available for both lunch and dinner. One of its signature dishes is Bamboo Lobster Thermidor. You can order it for 320,000 IDR (approximately 25 USD).

    Cuisine: Western, Indonesian, Balinese & Asian
    Breakfast:  7:00 am – 10:30 am
    Lunch: 11:00 am – 5:30 pm
    Dinner: 5:30 pm – 10:30 pm

    SOPPO Teppanyaki

    Discover the interactive thrill of live cooking shows as you dine on a delectable fusion grill menu, crafted by our master Chef. Sample the very best of modern Japanese cuisine, accompanied by the dramatic backdrop of the Bali sunset beyond the horizon and rolling ocean waves.

    Teppanyaki feast by the ocean!

    Teppanyaki feast by the ocean! (Source: bali-uluwatu.anantara.com)

    Gather around for the best experience of Teppanyaki feast. Order the menu. Get the fresh local ingredients. Eat them freshly grilled by the cooks!

    Cuisine: Contemporary Japanese
    Opening Time: 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm


    Gaze over reflections of azure water as we stimulate your taste buds. Inspired by contemporary fusion style, lunch and dinner menus feature popular western and bold local dishes, riveting Asian creations and a nod to Mediteranian cuisine.

    All time favourites include seafood scooped fresh from the ocean is flame grilled to perfection. Imaginative, freshly prepared salads can be followed by the pleasures of  ice cream. Enjoy a sophisticated wine and champagne menu, signature mixologist cocktails, and live acoustic band performance.

    Enjoy moments with your friends and family over the ocean.

    Enjoy moments with your friends and family over the ocean (Source: bali-uluwatu.anantara.com)

    Splash offers “the more, the merrier” experience of lunch and dining. It provides cozy sofas or set of chairs right on the edge of the cliff.

    Cuisine: Asian & Mediterranean
    Opening Time: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

    Dewika Lounge

    Reserve this stunning cliff top lounge and balcony for special private events and wedding celebrations.

    Elegantly designed in rustic vintage style, Dewika Lounge invites you to dine and celebrate with a 180 degree panoramic view of the Indian Ocean. Admire Uluwatu’s legendary sunsets as you savour delectable cuisine from our Balinese culinary team, with four long dining tables, each accommodating 10 guests, complemented by comfortable lounge sofas seating 15 people.

    Make your private celebration an unforgettable experience!

    Make your private celebration an unforgettable experience! (Source: bali-uluwatu.anantara.com)

    Want to celebrate an important event in your life? Invite people to your luxurious fine dining celebration at Dewika lounge. Enjoy various cuisine from Asian to Mediterranean. This is the perfect spot for wedding dinner rehearsal, luxurious birthday gathering, or reunion with your classmates.

    Anantara Uluwatu – Bali Resort: A luxurious escape

    Besides those dining venues, Anantara Uluwatu – Bali Resort also offers the best luxurious place to crash in. It is located at the hill side of Bali, which holds the best ocean view. Uluwatu is well-known for wedding venue due to its breathtaking view. What is better than waking up in your honeymoon, first night in Bali, or simply a luxurious getaway and gazing towards the horizon right from your bedroom window?

    Wake up to the mesmerizing ocean view!

    Wake up to the mesmerizing ocean view! (Source: bali-uluwatu.anantara.com)

    If you want to experience this unforgettable moment, it is recommended to book for the Ocean Front Pool Suite. Starting from 540 USD per night, this is the perfect luxurious room for your getaway.

    There are other suite options available. If you prefer waking up to trees and grass, book for the Garden View Suite for 289 USD per night. If you want a more luxurious experience, book for the penthouse! Starting from 3,205 USD per night, you can have your own private party of forty people.

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