Luxurious Mobile Home: A-CERO RV

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Luxurious Mobile Home: A-CERO RV

When it comes to travelling, you have to do it in style. But have no worries beacuse that’s why we’re here, to bring you up to date with the most luxurious things around the world.

In browsing the web I came across this luxurious mobile home designed by Joaquin Torres.

Designed for an incredible travel experience, this recreational vehicle has every comfort you could dream of in a luxurious home.

The compact mobile home has a stunning design that comes with beautiful, stylish interior and a mini garage.

So let’s see how the Luxurious Mobile Home A-CERO RV looks like!

Luxurious Mobile Home: A-CERO RV

This mobile home has been designed for long term living, instead of your traditional periodic traveling. A-cero designed the furniture details in the practical interior space.

Luxurious Mobile Home: A-CERO RV

The exterior, when locked, looks like a regular RV, but when it opens up, it doubles its size. It has the front of a truck, and the body of a bus.

Luxurious Mobile Home: A-CERO RV

The real treat is an additional garage in the back. You can drive your Smart car right into your truck, and then call the whole thing your second home, how cool is that?

Luxurious Mobile Home: A-CERO RV

The interior design is spacious, relaxing and elegant. The furniture is built from Corian: a light and hard material that supports the usual vibrations and movements of driving  to offer comfort and a pleasurable trip.

Luxurious Mobile Home: A-CERO RV

The interior is created in a minimalistic style with a luxurious touch and it looks amazing, leaving the impression you’re not even in a mobile home.

Luxurious Mobile Home: A-CERO RV

This luxurious mobile home designed by A-CERO has all the comfort needed to become your second home.The mobile home is equipped with a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom.  Simply beautiful, light interiors make this RV a luxurious way to travel.

Luxurious Mobile Home: A-CERO RV

These guys definitely made something amazing with this luxurious mobile home project!

The price for the A-Cero mobile home hasn’t been announced yet, but we are sure it is going to worth every penny.

So what do you think about this amazing luxurious mobile home? How much do you think it’s going to cost? Do you see yourself travelling in it?

Leave your answer in the comments section bellow!



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