Tennis Player’s Accesories: The Top 10 List

8 April 2016

Take a look at these luxurious tennis wears on actions!

How expensive sportswear, accessories, and equipment could be? Tennis is one of the most exclusive sports. Wearing glamorous things on court such as luxurious tennis wears is common among pro athletes.

The question is now, how expensive those are? And what makes them so expensive? There are two answers to it. First, it depends on the material of the stuff itself. Second, it is also influenced by the athlete’s prestige and achievement.

Tennis players have commonly become the target of high-end products promotion. Expensive wristwatch, jewelry, footwear, or racket. The long hours of tennis match and the close up spotlight towards the player during the match are among the reasons why.

We gathered some official information on these luxurious tennis wears from accessories to equipment. Take a look at this exclusive top 10 list!

10. Pete Sampras’s Racket – Wilson Pro Staff 85 Original ($2,000)

Luxurious Tennis Wears on Court Pete Sampras Racket
Pete Sampras’s Racket| source: ebay.com

Let’s start with the American legend, Pete Sampras. The former world’s number 1 tennis player (first in 1993) had a special preference for the racket he used.

The Pete Sampras model of Wilson Pro Staff 85 Original tennis racket is sold for approximately $2,000 on retail nowadays.

What makes this racket is so special, besides it was the exact same model used by the legend, is the material itself. This model is made with graphite and Kevlar. The item is still available for purchase.

Despite his retirement in 2003, Pete Sampras is still the record holder of ATP’s year-end No. 1 rankings. He was the world’s number one for six consecutive years from 1993 through 1998.

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