20 Luxurious Things to Do in Canada

20 May 2016

Here are twenty things you can do to enjoy Canada in the most luxurious way…

When it comes to Canada, what do you have in mind? Pine trees? Lake? Comedy? Movie set? Besides all of those, Canada has a lot more to offer.

Canada offers the best set of nature. From mountains to lakes, Canada has it all. Plus, the population in Canada is pretty low. Averagely, there are only 8 people per square mile.

Those are only a few among other reasons why Hollywood filmmakers and TV shows producers choose Canada to shoot the scenes.

We gathered twenty luxurious things you can do in Canada. These may also be what those Hollywood celebrities and filmmakers did while they were visiting this beautiful country.

20. Waking up next to Niagara Falls

20 Luxurious Things to Do in Canada | waking up to niagara falls
20 Luxurious Things to Do in Canada | #20 Waking Up Next to Niagara Falls | source: ebookers.fi

The legendary Niagara Falls consist of three waterfalls: the American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls, and the Horseshoe Falls. The largest ones, the Horseshoe Falls, lie mostly in Ontario, Canada.

There is nothing better than spending the night just a few steps away from these biggest falls in the world while you are in Canada.

There are many hotels offering rooms with the view of Niagara Falls. Marriott and Hilton are among them. For one night on weekends at Marriott, it costs from approximately $400.

The choice is in your hands. Do you want to get as close as possible to the falls so that you can hear the water falling? Or far enough to view the three falls right from the edge of your bed?

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