Luxurious Ways to Travel

6 January 2015

Luxurious Ways to Travel | TOP 5

Let’s take a look at the most luxurious ways to travel!
When you travel around the world , you have to do it with style.

Even though you chose to travel by car, plane, yacht, RV or train, you want your experience to be as good as possible. Especially if you can afford it.

Luxurious, how do you define it? I would say luxurious is the superiority in quality.

How you’d describe it?
Next we will present you some of the most expensive ways to travel.


Who said trains are mainstream? And who would’ve thought that they can be expensive too?Well they can.

The most expensive train is the Royal Scotsman, in which to spend a mere 4-day trip on the board would cost you $6,620, more than the entire 19-day long first-class ride on the Trans-Siberian railway.

The trip takes the passengers through a rare passage through unique waterfalls, hills and valleys.

Of course this kind of “ride” is only for the rich people.

Luxurious Ways to Travel  Top 5
Luxurious Ways to Travel Top 5| $5- Train |via: belmond.com|

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