Luxury BlackBerry Cases | Top 3

16 November 2013

Luxury BlackBerry Cases | Top 3

Everybody is talking about the most expensive cases from iPhone.  But there are so many companies that produce cases for their phones, like Blackberry, HTC or LG. For this article I have choosed to present you the most luxury blackberry cases. Here is our Top 3 !

Blackberry smartphones come in a variety of models. Luckily for us, Blackberry users have even more options when choosing cases. Just be carefull to choose the right one for your style !

Now, let’s check out the most expensive BlackBerry cases that you’ve ever seen.

#3 Sena Magnet Flipper – $49.99

Available for many models of Blackberry like the Bold 9700 or Storm2, this case features a magnetic flap that covers the face and the back of your phone and offers totally protection. It can be opened by one-hand. It also features a removable metal clip. There are a lot of color options, dual-color patterns or even a crocodile-textured black or red.

Most-expensive-blackberry-Sena-Magnet-Flipper Luxury BlackBerry Cases | Top 3


#2 Case-Mate BlackBerry Fuel – $79.99

The Case-Matespecially designed for the Curve 8300 and 8900, the Tour 9630 and the Bold 9000it;s not just a simple case that protects your phone. They attached a battery pack, rechargeable via the BlackBerry’s standard micro usb cable, that extends battery life by up to 7 hours of talk time. It also features a 180-degree ratcheting belt clip.

Most-expensive-blackberry-Case-Mate-BlackBerry-Fuel Luxury BlackBerry Cases | Top 3

#1 Case-Mate Diamond Blackberry Curve Case – $20,000

The diamonds that went into the creation of this case weigh in at 3.5 carats and are set in 18-karat gold. The luxury emblem on the back of the case is made of gold and it also has 18-karat gold. In fact, a total of 15 grams of gold were used to make this expensive phone case. Of course, the case is as protective as it iluxurious , the screen is entirely protected and  the plastic is impact resistant.

The little number of Diamond Blackberry Curve Cases is so small that it was originally reported that the one given away at CES was the only one. But now the world’s most luxury and expensive Blackberry case can be purchased from Case-Mate for $20,000. I dare you to find a more expensive Blackberry case than that.

blackberry-case-mate-diamond-caseLuxury BlackBerry Cases | Top 3

This was our top 3 when it comes to world’s most luxury BlackBerry cases and I truly hope you found this useful.

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