Luxury Cars for Women

4 April 2014

Luxury Cars for Women | TOP 5

We’ve been talking on and on about cars but never had a special topic dedicated to women, what they want, what are those Luxury Cars for Women | TOP 5.

But now is time to do that because we, the ladies, are important too.

What are the luxury cars for women? This is the question that I’ve been asking myself for a few hours now, until I found some good answers to the question.

I personally prefer muscle cars, not very girly I know.

Luxury Cars for Women | TOP 5

In this top I don’t really have a favorite, but maybe you do.

And if you are a girl and you are looking for a car, maybe this top will help you get an idea.

What cars do women drive?

We are very picky when it comes to things we use, like the clothes or the car we drive. Is the same with cars.
Let’s just start our Luxury Cars for Women | TOP 5!


Honda CR-V

Apparently women like this kind of cars, but what is not to like?

Looks bold and aggressive for a woman to like, but I know this car is among ladies favourites.

Why, you may ask? It may be because of the 185-hp, 2.4-Liter, 16-Valve, DOHC i-VTEC® 4-Cylinder Engine.

But women do not really care about the engine. But maybe women like power.

Maybe they like green, eco things. Because this car has an Eco Assist who can configure the engine to operate more efficient, resulting low consuming of the gas.

It also features a better safety for your kids and a better use of space.

The perfect car if you are a mom.

And you can have it if you pay between $22,195 and $30,000.

Luxury Cars for Women | TOP 5
Number 5- Honda CR-V

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