Luxury Castle Hotels | Top 10

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Luxury Castle Hotels | Top 10

The luxury life could take you and your companions everywhere but today we have a special destination for you, meaning the ten most luxury castle hotels in the world.

Prepare to embark on a journey fit for kings and queens because our next luxury destinations were created especially for the royals.

No one can compare the luxuriant life that the royal families or dignitaries had in the past in some of the most fatuous castles and chateaus in the world.

But with time passing some of these castles were bought and revived just to pleasure the wealthy and to recreate the luxury lifestyle that the giant house had in the past.

So if you want to see how it feels to be treated like royalty you should try to see who the accommodations are at one of the luxury castle hotels we are going to present.

This is a unique opportunity for you to be spoiled, pampered and to try the extravagant lifestyle that some royalties are used to every day.

Let’s see the best best luxury castle hotels and what kind of lifestyle they offer->

10. Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal Chantilly, France

Nobody had castles like the French and we star our list of luxury castle hotels with a 100 year old castle who can give us an almost accurate experience of the wealthy people who lived around Paris.

Situated near the capital of love, only 35 minutes away from the Eiffel Tower for example and another 15 minutes away from the nearest airport, we present Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal Chantilly a “modest” luxury castle hotel who is placed in the heart of the Chantilly Forest providing for the guest the perfect luxury oasis.

Everything here is defined by French comfort and antique decors with an ambiance who was created from all the historic details and the grandeur of the castle.

The special features of the hotel are the L’Opéra Restaurant, an ancient ballroom revived to satisfy the most exclusive tastes, the Stradivarius, a unique bar who was designed to offer a relaxing experience.

Beside the forest side setting and the luxury amenities like indoor pool fitness room, tennis court, you can explore a little bit and visit the Hippodrome and the Living Horse Museum.

Luxury Castle Hotels | Top 10
Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal Chantilly, France
Luxury Castle Hotels | Top 10
Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal Chantilly, France
Luxury Castle Hotels | Top 10
Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal Chantilly, France

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