Luxury Cave Hotel China | Luxury Travel

26 September 2013

Luxury Cave Hotel, China | Luxury travel

Let’s take a look at this amazing Luxury Cave Hotel in China!

I always loved spectacular things ! It doesn’t matter if it’s about  fashion, cars, jewelry or hotels . Most of the time, we choose a city, or something to visit, and then we look for a nearby hotel . But things has changed. Nowadays we are looking for one of the most unique hotel that stands out among the rest.

Have you ever thought about a cave hotel ? Cause I didn’t, and I never thought that something like this really exists. Let’s thank to all those amazing engineers who will make this possible.

Luxury Cave Hotel China | Luxury Travel

China is prepared to construct a luxury hotel resort within a 100 feet-high rock-face of an abandoned and inundated quarry situated in the Songjiang District located at the bottom of the Tianmensham Mountain.

The amazing design introduce a huge waterfall from the roof of the 19-floor high hotel complex, which will have two of its floors beneath the water and the remaining 17 will be built into the walls of the towering over the hollow lake.The Songjiang Hotel offers to adventure tourists options like  bungee jumping and rock climbing , and there will also be an submerged restaurant facing a ten-meter deep aquarium.

Luxury Cave Hotel China | Luxury Travel

This amazing hotel will have 400 rooms, bistros and cafes, a banquet hall, eateries, a water-sports center and a swimming pool .The pair of underwater floors will have an aquarium with glass walls that face-off onto an underwater restaurant and guest rooms.

Luxury Cave Hotel China | Luxury Travel

The roof will be 15 m above the cave. The idea is to take advantage of this unique land-form to create a hanging garden in the air. Visitors will also have the luxury of viewing the hundred-foot high waterfall from their hotel room windows.

Luxury Cave Hotel China | Luxury Travel

The $529 million Songjiang Cave Hotel is expected to take be done in 2014 and guests could be staying in the resort by 2015 – with rooms likely to cost upwards of $300 a night.


The resort is based in the Songjiang district, near Shanghai. British design company Atkins is behind the build and intends to make the property as green as possible.


If you love nature, you’ll be surprised by the ecologically-sound roof covered with  trees and lawns .The quarry’s geothermal heat will be used to produce heating and electricity. From a walkway above the lake, guests will arrive at the complex via a naturally-lit atrium that the architects have said will incorporate the existing rock face, with the occasional waterfall and patches of vegetation.

Luxury Cave Hotel China | Luxury Travel

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