Luxury Cocoon Tent Tree House

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Luxury Cocoon Tent Tree House

If you’re as a big of a camping fan as I am, you’ll love this Luxury Cocoon Tent Tree House!

What better way to become one with nature than enjoying some quality time in a tree house? The problem is you can’t move your tree house from one tree to another, or.. can you?

Yes you can!

It blends perfectly the flexibility provided by a tent and the awesomeness of a tree house!

Take it into any forest or jungle and get yourself ready for one of the most amazing experience of your life!

You can even customize the experience and the design of your Luxury Cocoon Tent Tree House and although the prices start from $8,000 with an extra $2,000 shipping cost we think it’s worth it!

It’s something different and you get to use it several times, not only once we’ve featured here hotels that go for over $20,000 a night so the prices are not that high if you can afford such a thing. Take it with you, install it in the forest or the beach and you’ll probably have an amazing time!

Luxury Cocoon Tent Tree House

Plus, I think they look incredibly cool and all your camping buddies – if any – would die if you had one of these out of pure jealousy!

Luxury Cocoon Tent Tree House

How amazing would it be to enjoy the sunset from your portable floating tent of awesomeness?

Luxury Cocoon Tent Tree House

Luxury Cocoon Tent Tree House

 This is what the interior looks like and the lighting inside it gives it a special vibe that I bet you’d love!

Luxury Cocoon Tent Tree House

Hammock Like Tree House Tent

If you’re the type of person that likes to try new types of experiences and if you’re here on money is probably not one of your worries, this is something you should definitely consider buying!

Hammock Like Tree House Tent

At the end of the day, how many people do you know that can say they own a floating luxury cocoon tent tree house thingy? Be the first!

Hammock Like Tree House Tent

If you’re wondering How do you get in that thing? – apparently there’s an easy to climb net that you set up around it that helps you with that.

Hammock Like Tree House Tent

This is made by a company called CocoonTree and we recommend checking their website for more info and a larger gallery!

But what do you think? Would you buy it? Do you find it amazing or do you think it would just end up in the storage room along with all those other things you thought  were great?

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