These Luxury Copper Apartments Will Actually Change Colour Over Time

2 May 2016

These luxury copper apartments in New York change colour and develop like a living thing

A brand new development in Manhattan is currently taking shape and it’s certainly unusual – luxury copper apartments are being built, which will turn from copper to green over the next couple of decades, according to Gregg Pasquarelli, one of the architects who designed the project. We have these amazing images courtesy of JDS Development so you can take a look.

American Copper Buildings will be comprised of two 40 and 49 storey buildings containing 761 units, which are only available to renters, and are connected by a 300ft high skybridge.

The skybridge will house an exclusive gym, climbing wall, 75-foot pool and lounge bar. As if that wasn’t already enough, one of the towers is even going to have an infinity pool on it. In total, the development consists of 900,000 square feet of both commercial and residential space.

Don’t assume these luxury copper apartments are style over substance though. After Hurricane Sandy put New York through days of no power in 2012, the developers have ensured the ground floor is flood proof and the whole building (plus their iPhones) will be powered by emergency generators.

luxury copper apartments New York

luxury copper apartments


The majority of the copper which covers the majority of the exterior was sourced from Germany, and includes over 5000 individual panels. The remaining sections will boast unbelievable views of the Empire State Building, East River and much more.

“It’s kind of a performance art piece for the city as a whole”, says architect Pasquarelli. He was intrigued by how the material would develop and change, like a living thing. Over time, copper turns green when it’s exposed to water and air, causing chemical reactions to occur. Though it looks remarkably different, the process won’t weaken the material or affect it in any other way.

JDS Developments Group, who are developing the two, leaning copper towers believe that the structures “will set a new benchmark for rental developments” in Manhattan. Skybridges were formally quite popular in New York architecture, particularly “between the turn of the 20th century and the 1920s”, but they’re now much more unusual in new developments. This skybridge in particular is going to come equipped with an enviable view for anyone taking a dip in the pool or lounging in the bar.

JDS Developments believe that Manhattan’s east side is trailing behind the west side in terms of luxury real estate, and these towers will help to boost the profitability of the area.

SHoP Architects are also known for their design for Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Centre, an indoor arena which cost $1 billion to design and construct in 2009, and has a 117 by 56ft oculus over a section of the roof.

luxury copper apartments interior

luxury copper apartments

Prices for these luxury copper apartments have not yet been released, though they are expected to be particularly high for Manhattan real estate. Fortunately though, 20% of the total apartments will be set aside for “affordable housing”, which will be dispersed around the buildings, so the more moderate earners will still get a shot to live the high life.