10 Luxury Eco-Power Yachts For The Rich

23 April 2015

Luxury Eco-Power Yachts With Eco-Friendly Features

Knowing that the rich have tendencies to save the planet some builders designed and produced luxury eco-power yachts for those who like to sail.

For those who like luxury yachts and want to buy one or own one already we have prepared a list of eco-power yachts, which not only use alternative energies but also are built to indulge the passengers to a life of luxury.

Being an ongoing trend to do everything possible to save mother nature and help to improve the carbon emissions, the world of luxury yachts is changing in a future where navigating could be possible without diesel gas.

Let’s see which are the luxury yachts of the eco-friendly future and what are the costs to own such a luxury boat.

10. The Greenline 48

Starting the list of luxury eco-power yachts is an $1,1 million yachts built by the Greenline brand, an electric and diesel motor boat.

Built with lightweight materials the yacht was created to be a hybrid, the changing from diesel to electricity being manual.

With solar panels to recharge the batteries and the option to plug it in when at the docks the luxury yacht also comes equipped with some high-tech toys for the sail enthusiasts.

With a couple of different models available, the Greenline company is the Toyota Prius of the eco-power yachts, the Greenline 48 being capable to reach 18 knots.

#10 The Greenline 48 | Luxury Eco-Power Yachts | Image Source: yatvitrini.com
#10 The Greenline 48 | Luxury Eco-Power Yachts | Image Source: yatvitrini.com
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