This Luxury Home in California has the Best Views Ever

13 July 2016

Wait until you see the epic views in this luxury home in California!

Excited to look into this luxury home in California with the best views ever? California has the best of both worlds. From its glorious mountains to its magnificent beaches, you can do anything from skiing to treating yourself to a well-deserved siesta along the calming shores of the Pacific. One of the most sought after regions in California is Newport Beach.

It’s no wonder the demand for homes are extremely high here, boasting an average home price at around $1 million. This attractive location is engaging through various activities like yachting and surfing. Whether it be the summer or the winter, people are effortlessly drawn to this region. Also, the extravagant atmosphere and Mediterranean-esque climate year-round imparts the stuff of dreams.

And speaking of dreams, our featured home is just that: a dream of a home. Located in Newport Beach, this luxurious apartment is nestled along the Southern California shoreline. It boasts panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. Let’ take a tour!

luxury home california best home ever- living area open floor plan
Beautiful architecture meets high end design.

First of all, upon entering, the floor-to-ceiling windows frame the vastness of the Pacific Ocean which is the glorious focal point. You can see the mesmerizing views from every section of the home creating.

Stunning Views at Every Angle.

luxury home california best views ever- living room view
What a dramatic luxury home!

While the size of this luxury apartment is small, it certainly does not give that impression since architectural detail and efficient design more than make up for its size. Entertaining is simple and made pleasurable in this luxurious space. As a result, it entertains on its own.

The open floor plan and slide-a-way patio doors are inviting and easily accommodating, whether it be a night in for two or an elaborate dinner party for a large group. As you move throughout the home, there is a perfect seamless flow that transports you. Soft-colored tile marble transitions into the beautiful scenery of the views.

luxury home california best views ever- stairway view
A Lap of Luxury.

Brilliant architecture utilizes every portion of the space of the home and makes it functional. The colors, contemporary clean-lines, and textures bring a rich unity to the home that is pleasing to the senses.

Amazing architecture throughout.

Horst Architects outdid itself recreating this space. They paid serious attention to detail. From the stairs to the loft, every inch makes a bold yet lustrous statement. The architectural design is sleek, infused with art and mindful detail at every angle. Exploring the kitchen, you will find beautiful finishes and high-end appliances that can make one feel like an expert chef in their own home.

This luxury home in California has the best views ever!

luxury home california best views ever- sunset view from living room
Here you see one of many hypnotizing sunsets.

At night, enjoy the romantic fireplace while you behold the breathtaking sunset. In the morning, you’re greeted by a brilliant sunrise and stellar views of the bay.

luxury home california best home ever- bedroom panoramic views
This luxury home has stellar views throughout the day.

The price tag for this is probably around $2 million. So if you have around $2 million lying around and can afford this luxury home, enjoying life to the fullest in a home to this standard would not be difficult.

Finally, if you’re coming to marvel at the panoramic views, or just to relax, the atmosphere alone revitalizes the senses. Overall, this luxury home in California has the best views ever.

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