Luxury Home in Mexico | Fine Living

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Luxury Home in Mexico | Fine Living

With an excellent view towards the National Park of Chipinque, this luxury home combines perfectly all the elements for a fine living.

When it comes to homes, we all desire the perfect arrangements and combination of colours to feel like home.

With a well balanced architectural design, the CH House residential project took the place of an outmoded house that was demolished.

Providing the ultimate luxury experience, this beautiful luxury home in Mexico was designed by GLR Arquitectos.

Taking a step forward into the exploration of new materials, the house containing in its structure black granite and white exposed concrete.

So let’s have a look at this stunning Luxury Home in Mexico and its beautiful design!

Luxury Home in Mexico | Fine Living

Although the color doesn’t play an important role in this project, the house mostly using neutral colours, it has a minimalistic and elegant design, giving it a luxurious feel.

Luxury Home in Mexico | Fine Living

Built around an infinity pool, towards the front of the property, sits a large semi-covered terrace offering a stunning view and promising to be a great place for relaxation.

Luxury Home in Mexico | Fine Living

With high ceilings and concrete walls and offering an interesting effect of the controlled natural light, the interior of the living room, presents itself with a urban luxurious vibe.

Luxury Home in Mexico | Fine Living

Conceived like a sustainable house and as a result of the studies analysing the sun trajectory and the prevailing winds during diverse seasons of the year, the house was designed with double walls with polyisocyanurate, double windows with low emissivity, an ecological insulator and much more.

Luxury Home in Mexico | Fine Living

Housing a unique dining space with glass walls that allows you to enjoy the beautiful view of natural rock outside while serving a relaxing meal.

Luxury Home in Mexico | Fine Living

Equipped with a modern home theater with a beautiful comfy brown leather couch in front of it, separated by a small glass coffee table and the built-in bookshelves the room leaves you with a home sweet home feeling.

Luxury Home in Mexico | Fine Living

In the bathroom we can find a stand alone bathtub, a glass panelled shower area and a small fireplace that are offering a warm feeling being accentuated by the wooden type textures and the big mirror above the cabinet.

We most definitely think that this Luxury Home in Mexico looks amazing and we’re sure that it provides the ultimate luxury-living experience.

But still, we have to ask: Do you like this amazing home, its architecture and interior design? What more would you add to it?

We hope you enjoyed our article about the Luxury Home in Mexico | Fine Living.

Leave your answers in the comments section bellow and don’t forget to share this with your friends!

Photography: Jorge Taboada

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