Luxury Lakeside Hotels | Top 10

21 August 2014

Luxury Lakeside Hotels | Top 10

The vacation is the most important period of the year and some of you have time to plan it and some don’t that’s why we took the liberty to create a unique list with some of the best luxury lakeside hotels in the world.

We want to create the perfect vacation and started a concept list based on a special feature, meaning we searched for some luxury 5 star hotels to satisfy the most extravagant needs and added our own twist.

For the people who like the 5 star treatment and love also the nature we thought to give you an alternative to sunny beaches and sky resorts.

So we found ten of the most luxury lakeside hotels, a list of hotels placed near a lake who can offer you an amazing vacation.

Ever thought that the activity list at a lakeside hotel is big enough and the things you can do there are amazing?

Guy’s no more talking because in the following we will show you that a lakeside hotel or resort can be as awesome as any 5 star placement of the earth.

These are the best luxury lakeside hotels->

10.Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli – Lake Garda, Italy

The first location is placed on the western shore of Lake Garda, in northern Italy and it’s a modern villa with a grand park who were built in 1892 by the wealthy Feltrinelli family as a holiday resort.

With famous visitors from the period of the second World War, like Mussolini, today the villa is own by famous Bob Burns, a hotelier who transformed the place in a dream location.

Created to give the visitor a combined sensation between antique and modern comfort, everything been restored to the original state.

So for the traveler who wants to enjoy the best Italian cuisine made with local products, a personal wine cellar with both local a national exclusive vintage label, a swim in the pool or in the freshwater of the lake and a cold home made ice-cream from the own gelateria, this is the place to come.

The calmness is given by the Lakeside gardens and landscaped grounds with specific Italian plants and trees like olive, orange, ancient oak, cypress and magnolia.

This is the place where antique Italian style, comfort, luxury and the best view combine with frescoes, Venetian mirrors, Italian gardens all cuddled by mountain slopes and the Lake Garda.

Luxury Lakeside Hotels | Top 10
Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli – Lake Garda
Luxury Lakeside Hotels | Top 10
Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli – Lake Garda
Luxury Lakeside Hotels | Top 10
Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli – Lake Garda

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