Luxury Lingerie Brand Bordelle

1 February 2014

Luxury Lingerie Brand Bordelle

They have always said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but Bordelle decided to do it differently, so this season the Swarovski crystals are a girl’s best friend. The luxury lingerie brand Bordelle presents an amazing couture 2013/2014 collection which includes bandage dresses, garters, bustiers and bondage straps.

The collection is a limited capsule, which comes in just 3 pieces of 3 different styles.

Hand-made and with Swarovski crystals and gold filigree details, the luxury lingerie brand Bordelle enchants us with high-end designs and seductive cut outs.

From sensual and romantic lingerie, to bondage-inspired strappings, Bordelle introduces us into the world of the powerful and sexy, yet luxurious woman.

Luxury Lingerie Brand - Bordelle
Bondage-inspired lingerie

The highly fashionable pieces of lingerie are far from being cheap, so gentlemen you better start saving some money if you want your lady to be a little bit of playful, posh and sexy, all in the same time!

The prices are more than spicy, starting from £3000, which is worth the extravagant amount of around 4800$.

Of course you can find similar cheaper versions of the £4000 girdle dress for £1025, but do you really want your wife or girlfriend to be wearing something without any crystals on it?

Luxury Lingerie Brand Bordelle
Luxurious Girdle Dresses

Living in London, the Romanian founder and designer of Bordelle, Alexandra Popa, uses the most luxurious fabrics and designs in order to bring out the sensual side in all women, but keeps it comfortable and classy in the same time. So if you are not looking for a body-shaped dress which will show off your forms, the luxury lingerie brand Bordelle offers a wide range of bras and briefs, at a more accessible price.

Luxury Lingerie Brand Bordelle
Bodice Bra and Suspender Briefs

Would you spend so much money on being sexy?

Let us know in the comments below if you already have  a piece of lingerie or consider buying one from the luxury lingerie brand Bordelle!