Luxury Money Clips | Top 10

26 August 2014

Luxury Money Clips | Top 10

How to define luxury if not with money, but when you have a lot of money carrying around your cash seems a little bit uncomfortable that’s why us though to show you the best luxury money clips out there.

For all the wealthy men out there we want to recreate a comfortable sensation of being tidy, light and packed with cash when you leave your home.

So we know you don’t like wallets, hate having it around full of useless things, and we thought to show you some easy way to pack your cash and card in a manner you would definitely like it.

We created a list of luxury money clips that will satisfy the need of the wealthy men who like to have around them the only business card they like: money.

If you want to take a walk to the shop, go on a relaxing night out, or hit the club, here are the ten solutions for you to feel relaxed and free of the taught, having to deal with a big wallet or any contraption who was meant to keep your money in one place.

You don’t need to improvise, you don’t need to have to fold your money, or to have wrinkled cash, you just need to see one of the best luxury money clips and you will be convinced you found the perfect thing for you.

So let’s see the best luxury money clips->

10. The 14K Gold Paper Clip/Money Clip – 575$

Our first choice is a classic take on the usual money clip, but with a luxurious twist to it.

If you are looking for the simplest way to keep your money and possibly a card this is the answer.

The 14K Gold Paper Clip/Money Clip is our first choice for a luxury money clip.

If for some of you this is the simplest way, for others this is a fancy luxury item who tells everybody that I am rich but alike to keep it simple.

You can find this accessory at any money clip dealer, from a range of yellow gold to pink gold and silver.

We found ours at L&M at the price of 575$ and it has these measurements 14.5 MM X 62.1 MM.

Luxury Money Clip | Top 10
The 14K Gold Paper Clip/Money Clip – 575$

The next item has almost the same price->

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