Luxury Resolutions for 2014

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Luxury Resolutions for 2014

I thought you may need some inspiration and I made Luxury Resolutions for 2014.
This is a new year, a new page of your life and for this time you have time to make things happen, all your dreams may come true if you work hard enough to make them happen.  Because 2014 just begun and if you haven’t set some Luxury Resolutions for 2014 I have found some that might inspire you.

How do you feel about extreme sports? About defying gravity? If it’s on your bucket list this is what you need to do for 2014. Doesn’t matter if is bungee jumping or sky diving or any expensive sports  you will feel great after you check them out.

Luxury Resolutions for 2014

If one of your thoughts in the last year was about your looks, this year you might want to get into that. Don’t like how your hair looks? Get a haircut! Or you feel fat after the holidays? Go to the gym, you will look fabulous and you’ll love yourself even more ! This year you can do anything you want, anything you haven’t had time to do last year.

Luxury Resolutions for 2014

The next thing I am offering to you as a Luxury Resolution for 2014 is relaxation. You need to slow down and take some time for yourself, you can go to the spa or in a short vacation, to charge your battery and regain your energy.

Luxury Resolutions for 2014

You got bored of all the monotony in your life and you need something else?I say you take out your plane or your expensive car out of the garage and take the tour around the world! Is a good way to meet new people and learn new things such as languages and/or people’s habits.

Luxury Resolutions for 2014

If you decide to actually do it, you must try the food which leads us to the next thing on the list – try new food (“If it looks good then is good to eat” – Andrew Zimmern -chef). Your taste buds will be thankful for all that and you’ll feel better afterwards!

Luxury Resolutions for 2014

The last one, if you are a smoker, try quit smoking! Do it for your on health and your own good. Right now are plenty of luxury ways to quit smoking and they are painless, I say is worth it!

Luxury Resolutions for 2014What do you think about our Luxury Resolutions for 2014? Was it helpful for you? What are your luxury resolutions for 2014?

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