10 Luxury Tailors Who Suit Up The Celebrities

9 April 2015

Luxury Tailors With International Fame

The perfect gentleman is a well dressed person both with taste and style but most importantly are the right measurements for him, details that some luxury tailors take very serious.

From this point of view we assembled a list of luxury tailors who bespoke for the rich, the famous and for the celebrity and royalty.

Tradition, style and world suit designers come together in this list to offer the gentleman a view on international tailors who make the A-listers look good when it comes to suits.

Looking good for the rich and famous is an everyday must have and these world renowned tailors make all their efforts to custom design the perfect matching suit with their owners body.

So let’s see which tailors are the stars favorite and what makes them so famous.

10. Richard James

From the most famous road in London, where tailors open shops, Richard James, is one of the new generation of tailors who create luxury custom suits for his clients.

Taking the old, traditional and timeless pieces, he managed to give them a contemporary look, starting to rise from Savile Row and be world renowned as a luxury brand tailor.

Working with exclusive fabrics, materials and accessories the tailor created bespoke suits and impressed the celebrity public, his collections of custom made suits being seen on many movie stars.

Tom Cruise, Benicio del Toro, Sir Elton John, Hugh Grant, David Beckham, Jude Law are a few of the names who rely on his work and come frequently to his bespoke shop in Savile Row, where the starting price for such a suit starts at 5000 dollars including taxes.

$10 Richard James | Luxury Tailors | Image Source: benwrightphotography.co.uk
$10 Richard James | Luxury Tailors | Image Source: benwrightphotography.co.uk
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