10 Luxury Things To Do While in Bali from a Local Aluxer

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10 Luxury Things to do in Bali from a Local’s Perspective

So, you have enjoyed sitting by the ocean, meeting friendly Balinese people, buying local crafts, and partying all night long. What should you do next?

How about something luxurious, something you will remember for the rest of your life, or something you need in your life for a long time?

Bali has a lot more to offer than just gatherings at Kuta Beach, adventures at Monkey Forrest, and parties at Legian.

There are more advanced ways to explore and enjoy the Dewata island. Find out more right here! Here are my suggestions as a local on luxury things to do in Bali.

1. Spend the Night at a Luxurious Resort

Spacious room, beautiful ethnic decoration, comfortable King-sized bed, and private hot tub with the mesmerizing ocean view, who doesn’t want that? This experience is priceless luxury you deserve. You can find many resorts in Bali which offers you these fabulous facilities.

Spoil yourself at this luxurious resort!
Spoil yourself at this luxurious resort! (source: themulia.com)

One of them is Mulia Resort in Nusa Dua. Even during low season, you need to dig around 8,000,000 IDR (approximately 615 USD) in your pocket to spend one night in one of the rooms here. But look at that beauty! It is so worth it.

2. Eat the Best Food in Style

Eat with your eyes as you gazed over the ocean.
Eat with your eyes as you gazed over the ocean (source: banyantree.com)

Eating food is not just about the taste, but also about the ambient. Eating a bowl of soup at a beautiful coast will give you more unforgettable experience than just eating it at a restaurant by the street. Find high class restaurant by the coastal side and the hillside of Bali, such as Ju-Ma-Na in Ungasan. It opens everyday, except Monday (who needs food on Monday, anyway?) from 4 p.m until midnight.

3. Have a Wedding Ceremony by the Beach

Throw your luxurious wedding party in Bali!
Throw your luxurious wedding party in Bali! (source: themulia.com)

Love, love, love! What deserves more luxury than this precious thing in your life? Bali has been known as the Celebrity Wedding Site since many famous people said “I do” in this island. Pick your best spot for one of these luxury things to do in Bali: on the cliff of the ocean, at the coast of the sandy beach, or somewhere in the tropical forest? A modern style wedding with a unique mixture of traditional Balinese touch, Bali has it all in luxurious way!

4. Get One Step Closer to the Wildlife without Leaving Luxury Behind

I love nature and the adventures it offers. However, sometimes I just can’t stand spending the night in a tent with dirts under my body and the sky over my head. If you agree with me, Mara River Safari Lodge is the answer. It is located in the Bali Safari & Marine Park area in Gianyar which is the largest zoo in Southeast Asia.

Enjoy the wildlife view from your luxurious bedroom.
Enjoy the wildlife view from your luxurious bedroom (source: marariversafarilodge.com)

At the lodge, you will experience the five-starred hotel quality bedroom. And you can witness the wildlife from your bedroom window. Luxurious Africa? Bali has it!

5. Enjoy Balinese Spa Treatment with the Best Ocean View

Spoil your body with the best spa treatment!
Spoil your body with the best spa treatment! (source: world-spa-resorts.com)

After a long day adventurous day, a nice massage is all we need. Most hotels and resorts in Bali provide this facility. Most of them offer herbal traditional Balinese treatment. Book a private session by the gazebo at the beach, you will not be disappointed.

6. Sunbath by the Luxurious Pool

Embrace the sun and appreciate the ocean!
Embrace the sun and appreciate the ocean! (source: ultimatebali.com)

Sunbathing at public beach can be messy with those sands and people running around. You will get tanned, but you will not get the relaxing experience with it. Visit beach clubs in Bali which provide pools by the ocean to get both. However, don’t expect many locals sunbathing with you, because we are already tanned! We’ll just hang out by the pool instead.

7. Attend International Concert at GWK

International Concerts and Events in GWK for fun!
International Concerts and Events in GWK for fun! (source: gwkbali.com)

Next up on our luxury things to do in Bali list is… party! GWK, or Garuda Wisnu Kencana, is Bali’s international venue for concerts and events. It is designed uniquely at the hillside of Bali. You will see a big statue of the local legend himself at the grand entrance. You can see a glimpse of his hear on the picture above!

8. Sail Through Lovina Beach with Dolphins

Meet the dolphins up close and personal!
Meet the dolphins up close and personal! (source: zanacatamaranbali.com)

This is a rare experience that Bali offers not far from its suburban area. Spend the night at one of Lovina resort and wake up early to catch up with the dolphins! Rent yourself a luxurious boat and follow the local fishermen sail through the ocean. They will be heading the same way as the dolphins. Hurry up, because those dancing fishes are faster than you!

9. Cruise to Benoa with Royal Caribbean

Embrace your inner Jack Sparrow in a luxurious way!
Embrace your inner Jack Sparrow in a luxurious way! (source: royalcaribbean.com)

I love the ocean so much that I want to go further into it. If you love it as much as I do, but you don’t want to leave your luxurious five-starred hotel bedroom behind, then bring it with you! Cruise sailing is definitely the most luxurious of all 10 luxury things to do in Bali. Royal Caribbean has been known for its luxurious cruise. Get on board and sail from or to Benoa, Bali without leaving your luxury life behind.

10. Reconnect with Your Inner self through Luxurious Yoga Experience

Om shanti om...
source: inbali.org

Om shanti om…

The last but not least on our 10 Luxury things to do in Bali list is… Eat. Pray. Love.

Don’t tell me you haven’t watched that movie. Julia Robert was taught to meditate at her cottage in Ubud. Guess what, you can experience the same thing and even better! Choose your best retreat villa and enjoy your private yoga sessions at your private porch.

Ubud is the mountain side of Bali with cooler weather. That will work well with your meditation as an attempt to reconnect with your inner peace. After all, a retreat will not be complete without a quality moment for yourself.

So, which one of those 10 luxury things to do in Bali that you will put in your to do list? Share with us on comment section! Or perhaps have any other luxurious experiences in Bali?

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