10 Luxury Things To Do In Singapore

29 April 2015

Luxury Things To Do In Singapore With No Expenses Spared

These are the 10 luxury things to do in Singapore, the city-state or the island country how ever do you want to call it.

A busy port, a trading center and a financial hub, the cities offer the traveler a large variety of things to do.

But most important is that the rich here could feel like at home because Singapore is one of those cities where millionaires raise daily.

Luxury is a comfort well understood and coming here is a very wise decision when it comes to the extravagant costs and opulent life.

So lets see what luxury things can the rich do here and what are the cost.

10. Eat At The Most Expensive Restaurant in Town The Waku Ghin

After a long flight, the first luxury thing we encourage you to do is to eat at one of the most expensive and luxurious restaurant in all Singapore.

But there is a little thing called advance reservation that you have to do, and also to consider the fact that this exclusive restaurant is capable to sit only 25 people at a time, so forget about a walk-in.

Serving a modern European-Japanese menu, with 10 courses for you to taste.

You are served in a cocoon room by a personal chef and after all the courses you are invited into the main dining room to taste desert and coffee while you contemplate on the $400 meal you just had.

#10 Eat At Waku Ghin | Luxury Things To Do In Singapore | Image Source: buro247.ru
#10 Eat At Waku Ghin | Luxury Things To Do In Singapore | Image Source: buro247.ru
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