Here are The 10 Male Features Women Like Best!

8 June 2015

The 10 Male Features Women Like Best

 Which are the male features women like best? Girls, this is what you’ve been waiting for!

What’s the one thing you first notice when you see a guy for the first time? Which is the thing that makes you fall in love? Where do you look?

At all these questions we will try to answer together, tonight. I personally look at his eyes and smile. Those are the things that make me go crazy!

You first look at his physical looks or you first want to know his social status, if he has money or not?

I know is different for each girl, but it must be a thing that we all like. Like the abs? Hmm, what else? His ability to make you laugh?

The fact the he is wanted by lots of girls makes him more attractive? I’m sure that you guys don’t know which are those features we love about you! You have no idea!

But the outside is not the only thing that matters, right? What truly matters is the inside! But today we will be a little shallow and we will only talk about physical looks.

There is nothing sexier than a girl who knows what she likes in a man. And guys like that. A lot.

Let’s get started and see if you find yourself in at least one of these points!

10. BUM

Just like you guys like a woman’s bum, we like that too about our man.

When you see a handsome guy walking by and then you turn around and see his bum? The size varies by preference and I read that isn’t that important as the shape.

The say the shape of a guy bum is very important; it has to have that curve. I’m not that big fan of the bum, but maybe you are?

Do you notice the bum when you first meet a guy? Guys, have you ever caught someone starring at your butt?

The 10 Male Features Women Like Best
The 10 Male Features Women Like Best | 10. Butt

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