McGregor vs Mayweather: Who is the best and the richest?

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Fighting has been more than just a sport. It is a multi-billion dollar business. And these facts about McGregor vs Mayweather are the proofs.

If you ask me why I love fight sports, I would say because of the adrenaline rush no other sports can offer. But if you ask other people, they may say it has been the home to biggest betting jackpots in the world. And I bet those people would love to bet a lot of money on McGregor vs Mayweather bout.

These two are arguably the best in their categories today. And they are undoubtedly the ones in the biggest spotlight. It is not just about their victories, but also about how they achieve it. Knock outs after knock outs, they rose triumphantly. Fans love them. Nations rally behind them. Thus, promoters and brands love them too.

Those can only mean one thing: truckloads of money coming in their way.

While there have only been rumors about these two fighting on a cross-division bout, fans can only argue which of them would win. But at least we can compare them based on the facts written on paper. So, we did our research on how strong their chins are and how deep their pockets are. And we gathered the results right here on our own 15-round bout of heavywealth.

So, as Big John McCarthy used to say, are you ready? Let’s get it on!

15. Let’s get to know them first through their fight records.

McGregor vs. Mayweather: Who is the best and the richest? | #15. Let's get to know them first through their fight records.
McGregor vs Mayweather: Who is the best and the richest? | #15. Let’s get to know them first through their fight records. | source:

Before we get to some facts about their salary and net worth, let’s take a look at what they bring inside the ring (and cage) that has led them to those abundant incomes. Then, you will understand that these two fighters are really worth every single penny they earn.

Floyd Mayweather turned pro more than a decade before Conor McGregor did. But he is also more than a decade older. So, they started almost at the same age. And since 1996, Mayweather has fought inside the ring for 49 times and won all of them. More than half was by knockout.

McGregor turned pro in 2008. But he made his UFC debut only five years later. And since his first professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) debut, he has fought 24 times and lost only 3 of them.

So, based on their fight records, we should give this first round to the undefeated Mayweather. His record will always be intact since he is no longer fighting professionally inside the ring. Unless, he is willing to take on the UFC challenge to fight McGregor.

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