15 Steps to Measure Success

5 May 2019

How do you measure success in life?

Everybody wants to be successful, but if you ask the average person you won’t find a clear definition of what that “success” stands for or how to measure success for that matter.

People measure success differently from one another, what someone sees like the pinnacle of life, someone else could be their nightmare.

We went through all the metrics of success we could think of and bundled them in this article with the hopes of providing some metrics.

You goal is to go through the list and pick the metrics that matter to you and then live your life with the purpose of achieving those.

If you don’t feel like reading this entire post, you can always watch the video version here:

If you’re ready, let’s get started.

Here are 15 Ways to Measure Success:


How much money you make

We had to get the money one out of the way immediately, because this was the most common way people measure success these days.

Yes, money is incredibly important. It solves more than half the problems you could have in your life, it improves your comfort and chances to grow as a person as well as it allows you to take care of those you love.

Money is really important, but not the most important. All the ways of measuring success we mention in this video are like the pieces of a puzzle of your life. If you only get 1, you’ll never have the full picture.

Go get your money Aluxers, so you don’t have to worry about it, then proceed down the list.


How many people know your name

The second most common answer to how do you measure success, was FAME and how many people sing your praises, how many people know of you and what you’re doing.

Fame is also important, it grants you privileged access. It makes things easier. People treat you differently.

The problem here, is that some people base their self-worth on the number of followers they have.

Even here on YouTube, people look at you differently when you have 1000 subscribers versus a couple of millions.

Also, be careful of the slippery slope of quick found fame. People can know your name for the wrong reason. It’s not about the numbers you’re playing with right now, but how much of an impact you can have in spite of those numbers.

If it makes you feel any better, Jesus had only 12 Followers and managed to grow that fan base to billions through personal sacrifice.

If you really think about it, Jesus was the O.G. influencer.


How many lives you’ve improved

The natural progression from money and fame is IMPACT.

The more lives you can change for the better, the more valuable you are to society. Positive impact doesn’t get the spotlight it deserves.

It’s usually later on when people realize just how big of a difference some actions made.

All the big leaps in humanity, all the big shifts in art, culture, in the way that we think, took years to shift and alter before they came into full effect.

You should measure your positive impact at the end of your life and see how many people are better of because you came into their lives.


How happy you are

Happiness should be one of your pillars when defining success. You should be happy with your life, with the way things are going for you.

So much so, that they put it in the declaration of independence: you’ve been endowed “ with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

We get so caught up in building and solving problems that we forget to pursue our own happiness.

Thread carefully here, because you can be perceived as successful by the world and still not be happy and the other way works as well.

Choose the kind of life you want to pursue and then be happy doing that!


How much stress you’re dealing with

There are 2 sides of this stress issue that we want to cover in this point, so bare with us.

The fist one: Positive stress.

Whenever we encounter situations that seem overwhelming in our journey towards greatness we remember a quote we’ve encountered a while back that goes like this:

Diamonds are just pieces of coal that handled stress really well!

On the other side of stress, there’s reward. That’s why not every piece of coal is a diamond. If you’re life is hard, if you’re dealing with overwhelming problems, keep in mind that this is a differentiating moment, between the real and the pretenders. Keep going, keep pushing when others would decide to quit and you’ll grow beyond what anyone else can expect.

The second side of measuring success based on stress, is determined by its absence from your life.

The least stressful your existence, the more successful you are!

It’s almost like Consent. If you want the stress with the purpose of growth, then stress is welcomed.

If it comes on its own when you really don’t need something else to juggle, then its bad.

Stress is incredibly harmful to your health, it accelerates the aging process in your body and figuring out how to relive it can make all the difference.

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How many stories you can tell

When the time comes for you to go, you should have a life filled with stories.

A large portion of the population will go through life without actually living, while others jump at the opportunity to embrace it.

If you only get one life, why wouldn’t you want to live it to the fullest, try everything you want to try, take risks, just don’t live for nothing.

Stories are really undervalued. Your entire existence can be summarized in just a few stories you can tell. Ask yourself:

if someone asked you to tell your life’s story, would it be worth listening to?

If yes, then you’re doing great. If not, it might be time to re-evaluate some things.


How many things are left on your bucketlist

Keeping up with the same theme, success can be measured based on how many things you still want to achieve, try, live and how many you’ve already conquered.

Think of these events as life-points. In the game of life, your goal should be to get as many of these life-points as possible. The points are moments that take your breath away, moments that make you happy to be alive, when you understand how blessed you really are.

Some people only get a couple of these points in their entire lives. What’s the point of living a long life if you didn’t really live?


How many people would trade their lives for yours

This is an interesting take on things. You know your life is going well when people would trade their lives for yours.

Although this can not actually be measured, but it’s a very interesting thought experiment. Think of everything you have and how well things are going for you.

Even if you consider yourself average, somewhere in the middle of it all, that means, that half the population would gladly trade places with you. How mind bending is that.

But you’re an Aluxer, you’re watching this over the internet on a device so technologically advanced that it puts you in the top 10% of the population. You’re probably educated, have a roof over your head, access to knowledge and information. Statistically speaking, there are almost 6.5 Billion people for whom it would make sense to trade their lives with you, because it would be an improvement.

Never take what you currently have for granted!


How many successful people you have next to you

We had to bring Jay-Z into this, because we love this quote so much:

“Here we measure success by how many successful people are next to you..
Here we say you’re broke, if everybody’s broke except for you..”

And we couldn’t agree more.

Once you make it, it’s your responsibility to help as many people as you can achieve their own version of success.

You’ll realize how only it is at the top and it definitely helps to be surrounded by successful people.


How much time you spend doing what you love

People always talk about the work-life balance. It’s almost like you have to half endure pain, and then kick back during the weekend.

That’s doesn’t seem like you’re winning at life. Instead, measure how much time you spend doing the things you really love that are benefiting you and those around you.

Everything done with passion results in a greater outcome. Your goal now is to find what you’re passionate about, and figure out how you can get paid to do that for the rest of your life.

Somebody who’s earning a solid million a year isn’t as successful as someone who’s hosting people at his vineyard.

In our travels we’ve met some incredibly successful people, one of them being Alfredo. You can watch the video below. It changes the way you look at success.


How long will you live to enjoy this successful life

This is a question about your health. How fully are you experiencing life? Can you taste the different foods, are you able to see the beauty of the world, play around on the beach with your children and hike through the woods.. These all add up as lifepoints.

A successful person is someone who gets to take advantage of everything life has to offer.

Take care of your body as much as you take care of those around you.

Take care of your mind in the same way you would want your garden to grow.

Do not neglect your health, for if you do, your success might be short lived, literally!


How many regrets do you have

This is another valuable way you look at how successful you are. Living with regret is an indicator that you wanted to do something but didn’t. It will eat you from within.

Collect enough regrets and it’s easy to fall in the trap of the WHAT IF.

What would your life look like if you taken advantage of every opportunity? If you said yes, instead of saying no.. if you asked your crush out.. If you started the business.. If you forgave those who are no longer with us, before they were gone..

Regret is a dangerous weapon that hurts you, from within.


How happy you make those around you

If earlier on we mentioned personal happiness as a measure of success, now, we want you to focus on how happy you make those around you.

The best things in life are meant to be shared, so focus on sharing the good you have, with others.

This is one of the secrets to building happiness.

When you make others happy that happiness reflects back onto you.

At some point in your journey, you’ll realize you are here to serve others and not yourself and your life will completely change direction. If you’re not there yet, don’t worry, just keep putting one foot in front of the other.


How long will you be remembered after death

Here’s something we want you to remember:

They say you die twice:

First time is when they bury you in the grave &

The second time, is the last time, somebody remembers you name!

This should be a wake-up call about the temporality of it all. We are all temporary, unless you can make something that outlast you. This could be your creative work, your ideas, what you represent or the impact you’ve had while you were alive.

Live a glorious life Aluxers!


How much you helped advance humankind

The last item on our list has to do with how much better is the world now, because you are a part of it.

If you’re looking for the meaning of life, this is it. You had to watch the full video to find it.

You are here, to make life better for as many being as a you can. We are all part of this forever changing society, floating through space on a tiny rock that’s been in existence for less than a blink of an eye in the timeline of the universe.

We are so small and insignificant in the great grand scheme of things… and because of that, we are so adamant on growing beyond what we currently are.

It’s through the work and sacrifice of dedicated people that we’ve built in the last 2 centuries a future that would seem unreal to everyone in the past. We are living in a heaven we’ve crafted ourselves, a heaven which we are responsible of caring for and evolving it.

Our journey as a species has just began.. So ask yourselves, what are you going to do the push this progress further. What can you do, around you, to make life just a little bit better than it was yesterday…

If you do that.. You’re helping us all to be a success.

What did you think about this video aluxers? Let us know in the comments below: Which of these items on this list will you use to measure your own success? We’re really curious to see if we’ve covered it all.

This wraps up our cover of the 15 steps to measure success, hope you found it useful!