Men vs. Women Weightlifting Gloves

16 February 2016

Weightlifting gloves are a must-use gear for working out. These gloves are used for compete safety of hands and improved, strong grip during long-lasting workout sessions. The gloves are used by men as well as women and are very effective at improving your workout performance, efficiency and outcomes.

Leading sports brands manufacture different gloves for men and women. These gloves have somewhat different features. Women’s gloves are mostly smaller, lighter and more comfortable as compared to men’s gloves.

Moreover, women’s gloves are also available in pink colour while men’s gloves are not because men are usually not supposed to wear pink colour, especially when working out.

Most of the people do not know the difference between men and women weightlifting gloves and consider both to be the same.

Well, it is not like that at all. Men’s gloves are quite different as compared to Women’s gloves.

The major differences between the two kinds of gloves are described below.


In comparison with Men’s hands, women have small hands. That’s why they need gloves which are smaller in size for proper fit and improved grip.

Due to this reason, leading sports brands manufacture different sized gloves for men and women. Women’s gloves are small in size as compared to men’s gloves.


Men are capable of lifting heavier weights than women. Heavy gloves are not a big problem for men.

On the other hand, women need lighter gloves for better workout performance and results. That’s why, women’s gloves are lightweight and men’s gloves are a little heavier in weight.


The colour of the gloves does not matter a lot but women’s gloves which are also known as ‘pink gloves’ have an addition to the range of colours as they are also available in pink colour. This is because pink colour is mostly used to represent women.


Women’s weightlifting gloves are not made using the same material which is used to make men’s gloves.

The special material used to make women’s gloves is such that it makes the gloves more comfortable. This is because women need some extra comfort for staying focused while working out.

Women’s gloves have a little better moisture wicking ability and heat regulation technology.

These are the differences between women’s and men’s gym gloves. Both the categories of gloves are quite alike but the few factors mentioned above make both of these gloves different from each other.