15 Things Men Wear That Women Hate

30 July 2021

Men, If You Are Looking to Level up Your Fashion Game and Become More Likeable to Women, Keep Reading.

This is not a man bashing article – because every one of us has likes and dislikes when it comes to what the opposite sex wears, regardless of sexual orientation.

We posed this question, and these were the repeat offenders… Here are 15 Things Men Wear that Women Hate.

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The ultimate offender, Aluxers, was the Speedo.  The tiny piece of fabric was designed by a company that has been around for more than 100-years, and they’ve made sure that athletes around the world have had the ultimate in swimwear… but guys, if you’re not taking part in the next triathlon, than strutting your stuff in a budgie smuggler is two thumbs down from women.   


Flip Flops or Sandals Teamed with Jeans or Trousers

Unless you’re holidaying in Morocco, this attire is not appropriate for regular, every day wearing. Flip flops and shorts are not a problem, but it’s the indecisiveness of whether it’s not cold enough for trousers and sneakers, or not hot enough for shorts and sandals, that makes many women say, no thank you.


T-Shirts with Holes or Stains

Stained and holey tees had their brief moment where it was sort of acceptable. We think even guys went for the trend with a little trepidation, probably remembering their mother’s words about how they shouldn’t leave the house wearing clothing with holes or stains. Plus, let’s be honest, there is a big difference between fashionably stained or holey clothes, compared to just plain dirty and old clothing, right?

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White Socks with Black Shoes

We know there was only one person who could pull that off, and knowing what we know now, it’s certainly not someone we’d encourage emulating.

You wouldn’t think that something as inconsequential as socks could make or break an outfit, but they do. The decision is unanimous, it’s no to white socks with black shoes.

If you want some guidance regarding male fashion, check out 10 Useful Fashion Tips For Men.


Man Bun

As writer, Rachel Arthur wrote for Forbes, “If It Were Up To Google Trends, Santa Would Have A Man Bun.” And an earlier April Fool’s joke published on Forbes advertised “Clip-On Man Bun – Because why should girls have all the fun?”

And while some men can totally pull off the man bun fashion, and it looks like it’s here to stay, there are just some that women are saying, “negative.”


Skinny Jeans

According to Tik Tok, skinny jeans have been cancelled. GQ Magazine reported that “Tik Tok says skinny jeans are cancelled. We agree.” Author, Teo van den Broeke added “The truth is that skinny jeans really only work when they’re worn by improbably skinny people.”

And Aluxers, after being cooped up at home with little socializing since Covid hit, more people are opting for comfort over fashion, and let’s be honest, men … skinny jeans are not designed for comfort.  


Shiny Suits

We completely understand that not everyone can afford an expensive suit, but if you shop with fabric in mind, you can avoid purchasing a suit that becomes shiny quickly, which doesn’t look great.

Cheap suits usually contain polyester. As Gentlemen’s Gazette confirms, “…very cheap suits have polyester lining or blends with polyester.”

GQ gives some tips to make a cheap suit look better…they suggest taking in the sleeves, replacing the buttons, adding a cuff at the ankle, and ensuring you have decent shoes. And Aluxers, by decent shoes, we are not referring to our next point…


Pointy Shoes

Besides being da*m uncomfortable, pointy shoes just don’t look good with… well, anything. And men, pointy shoes are not a new fashion disaster. A study published in the International Journal of Paleopathology confirmed that people in the Middle Ages suffered because of their pointy shoes. Skeletal remains excavated from Cambridge were studied and it was confirmed that “Overall, 18% of all the skeletons showed signs of bunions.

However, the condition appeared to be significantly more common during the 14th–15th centuries (the Late Middle Ages) than the 11th–13th centuries (the High Middle Ages),” as reported by Medical News Today.  


Tank Tops

If you’re in the gym, sweating it out or tucking into an ice-cream cone on the beach, then tank tops are totally fine.

Other than that, most women can’t figure out another reason why it would be necessary to wear the flimsy attire.

If you need more solid advice, here’s a great listen available on Audible: Off the Cuff – The Essential Style Guide for Men and the Women Who Love Them by Carson Kressley. We’ve got a free download available for you at alux.com/freebook.


Too Tight Tees

This one has a lot to do with age. When you’re young and fit, you can get away with wearing tightly fitter tee-shirts, but there is certainly a limited time where this is acceptable.

The Art of Manliness says “A t-shirt should be neither too baggy nor too tight. If it’s too big, it will drape and sag like a pillowcase and be unflattering. Too tight and you’ll look like a stuffed sausage — a look that can read as some combination of narcissistic, flamboyant, and/or douchey.”


Sport Team Specific Clothing

It’s wonderful that you support Kaiser Chiefs, or that you’re the number 1 fan of Vancouver Canucks, but you don’t need to display your unwavering affection to the world.  

New York Daily News featured an article, “If you must, how to wear a sports team jersey and not look like an idiot.”

The article begins with “Truth: Adult men rocking over-sized sports jerseys is awful. It screams immaturity and laziness, hinting at loutishness.”

So, there are ways to wear it without looking like an idiot, but is it even worth risking it? Perhaps not.  


T-Shirts with Sayings

Slogan tees are not a favourite of women worldwide.

Screaming to the world, “I don’t get drunk, I get awesome,” or “Game Over” when someone ties the knot, is pretty immature.

We don’t even recommend those tees for working around your house or garden… just bin them!


Camo Anything

Aluxers, there is a time and place for camo – of course – but wearing it day in and day out is a little too much.

We fully support function over fashion in this case, but if you’re head to toe in camo and heading to the mall… that look is not going to keep you hidden, in fact, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb.

If you need some guidance in the wardrobe department, we suggest you watch our video: 



There’s a lot of hate for the fedora, which according to Greeley Hat Works, “were first seen as a feminine hat with masculine undertones in 1883, inspired by a drama called “Fédora,” created by the French playwright Victorien Sardou.”

As suggested by Hoodwinked on Reddit, as to why the Fedora doesn’t have the best reputation:

“It’s only attractive if you are already are attractive.

It has a certain ‘place’ and expiration date.”


Synthetic Leather

We get that budget plays a big role in wardrobe, but the drawback with owning synthetic leather, is that while it may look good initially… it doesn’t hold that look. Wear and tear sets in quickly, and before you know it, your synthetic leather looks awful and that is not a look that works well for anyone!


Aluxers, what do men or women wear that you find most unattractive? We’d love to hear from you!