Mercedes-Benz Unveils The New G-Class

15 January 2018

Mercedes-Benz Reveals Official Images for Its Brand New G-Class

Let’s get this out of the way, if you’re not a fan of the new G-Class, we can’t be friends!

We almost shed a tear when Mercedes-Benz announced it will discontinue the G65 model, but they’re definitely not stopping cashing in on the G-Class as a whole.

Just yesterday, images of the brand new design of the G-Class have been officially released showcasing the new design we’re going to see in the upcoming models.

The thing we were most curious to see, is how they manage to maintain the same look and still bring the car into the technological present that we live in right now.

To be honest.. they’ve nailed it!

Something you’d expect if you were to pay $200,000 for a car!

Here are the pics of the brand new G-Class from Mercedes-Benz:

the new g-class mercedes 2018

Immediately, the hype-meter is going up!

You can immediately tell that it’s a g-class, but as you close in, you notice small alterations to the original design.

the new g-class mercedes 2018 road orange

the new g class mercedes 2018 front view

the new g-class mercedes 2018 in the dust

The details on the New G-Class

The thing with the G-Class is best put in the form of: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

And we’re happy they didn’t come in with a futuristic look for this iconic piece of automotive history. The new version does justice to the legacy, but with enough new to make the car modern.

Although they maintained the same rugged design from the outside, you can tell that the new version feels polished and minimalistic.

the new g class mercedes 2018 stop lights the new g class mercedes 2018 lights the new g class mercedes 2018 front wheel suspension

Mercedes-Benz praised the car for its performance, superior off-road capabilities, supported mainly by its permanent all-wheel-drive setup.

The Interior of the New G-Class

Only when you go inside the best you realize that you’re in a modern beast of car that has all the bells and whistles you can hope for.

the new g class mercedes 2018 interior

the new g class mercedes 2018 seats

the new g class mercedes 2018 dashboard

All in all, it seems like and incredible car and we can’t wait to get ourselves a test drive and share it with you guys.

The car is supposed to go on sale in August 2018, so who knows, maybe we can get you guys an in depth review!

In the mean-time, see how well do you know the Mercedes-Benz brand in this video:

What do you think about it? If you had the money, would you pay $200k for the brand new g-class? Let us know!