Metal Lion Sculpture Looks So Real

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Metal Lion Sculpture Looks So Real

This Metal Lion Sculpture Looks So Real! Check it out!

So, I heard you like the “Lion King”. That’s why I thought I should tell you more about an other amazing lion, the metal lion sculpture!

This is not the Lion King’s lion, but it looks similar! The name of this  metal lion sculpture is Aslan (which is Lion on Turkish).

Metal Lion Sculpture Looks So Real

Selçuk Yilmaz’s lion was made in over a year from 4,000 pieces of metal scraps.

Who is Yilmaz? The creator of the lion? He is a talented artist who has many other projects on the Behance site. Within the creations of the Yilmaz you can see an imposing black vulture, a human man, a cobra and many more.

Metal Lion Sculpture Looks So Real

The father of the lion took his time making it, he hand-cut and hammered each scrap himself. Which takes a lot of patience and this job is not for everyone. But amazingly he did, he managed to craft the big cat’s body.

Metal Lion Sculpture Looks So Real

Why I am saying “big cat”? Because this baby weight around 550 pounds, approximately the weight of an actual lion. This lion took a lot of effort and dedication. From the beginning of his large sheets which form the midsection to the thin interlocking strips creating the bridge of the lion’s nose to the tendrils of his mane, this is a true work of art.

Metal Lion Sculpture Looks So Real

The artist also has other projects displayed, but the metal lion sculpture is by far the most awesome of his pieces.  And surely now is the beginning of the new road for the artist.

We are looking forward to see many of the Yilmaz’s works! We expect more beautiful pieces from the talented artist and hope we get the chance to talk about them in the future.

Metal Lion Sculpture Looks So Real

Surely, I believe this is a true work of art which requires patience and devotement. Could you ever do it?

Time to end our journey, but I am curious of what you think about the Metal Lion Sculpture Looks So Real. I want to own it! Do you? Leave your opinion in the comments section below and don’t forget to share it! Stay tuned for more amazing articles!


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