15 Realistic Micro-Habits to Live Better Every Day

9 August 2021

Instead of Taking Huge Leaps to Get a Better Life, Start with Some Micro Habits. Here Are 15 Most Important Ones.

Hello Aluxers! Imagine you want to get to the top of a mountain: unless you are Superman, you will never get there in a single leap! The only way is by consistently putting one step after another. The same goes for our everyday life: a little goes a long way and today we’ll share 15 simple things or micro habits any of us can do to improve our lives and get us closer to our goals.

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Now, let’s dive into today’s topic: 15 Realistic Micro-Habits to Live Better Every Day.

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Without further ado, let’s dive right in.


Start Your Day with Gratitude

If you opened your eyes this morning, made it out of bed to your coffee machine and have been able to go about your daily business safe and sound, you’re luckier than many! In fact, we’re not gonna bullshit you! You’re quite a privileged individual.

We are so used to the comforts of everyday living that more often than not we take them for granted like it’s second nature. Always be grateful for what you already have and since like attracts like, the more grateful you are, the more you’ll attract things to be grateful for.


Drink a Glass of Water before Breakfast

When we sleep, we lose over a pound of water through sweating and breathing. That’s why it is typically a good idea to weigh yourself in the morning if you want the lowest number on the scale! To wake up your body and get it moving, always drink a glass of room-temperature water upon waking. Want an extra boost? Try and squeeze in the juice of half a lemon: your immune system and digestion will thank you for that!


Have a Complete Breakfast

How many times have we heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?! Well… that rumour is actually true! Our bodies have worked all night to re-set after a whole day of hustle and in the morning they’re in dire need of fuel. Make sure you give your body the right nutrients to tackle another busy day. Try oatmeal with almond milk, fresh fruits and nuts. Add a bit of honey for extra energy and you’re ready to conquer the world! Thanks us later.


Make Your Bed

There’s something incredibly fulfilling in making your bed before you leave the house. A well-made bed gives a sense of order to the whole room and a tidy room can help boost productivity as well as creativity. As you tidy up your bedroom, you may find you’re tidying up your mind too and gaining focus.

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Enter Your Workplace with a Smile

Life is stressful and, sometimes, downright hard. Everyone has their own worries and struggles to go through. Why not try to lighten things up just a bit by smiling a little more? Instead of offering a grumpy grunt when you get to work, enter your office and smile to your colleagues and co-workers. Most likely, they won’t expect it and a surprised yet pleased smile will appear on their faces too. I am smiling right now! Can you tell?!


The 20-20-20 Rule

This tip is especially for those of us working long hours at the computer. We all know how the blue light of our screens is damaging to our eyes. A good practice to safeguard our sight is to follow the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, you should look at an object 20-feet away from you for about 20 seconds. You can also close your eyes during these 20 seconds to allow them some rest from the strain caused by the computer screen.


Have Lunch Away from Your Workstation

Our brains are a little bit like a mobile phone. If we keep using them, the battery will die and we won’t be able to do anything anymore. It is therefore wise to give our mind a recharge shot throughout the day. A great moment to do that is your lunch break. Make sure you have your lunch away from where you normally work. Take some time to enjoy your food. Go for a short walk if you can. You’ll get back refreshed and energized for the afternoon!


Less Caffeine, More Water

Who hasn’t suffered from post-lunch or mid-afternoon slumber at least once? The first instinct is to reach for a jug of coffee to reactivate our sleeping neurons. Often, however, it is not caffeine that our body needs, but water. Drinking about 2 litres of water throughout the day allows our body to stay properly hydrated and helps maintain stable energy levels till night.

And just a quick note here! The Tokyo Olympics just ended the other day, but nearly every single athlete out there drinks tons of water EVERY SINGLE DAY. And if the fittest people in the world do it, then… well, you know what we’re gonna say next, right aluxers?!


Keep Gossip to a Minimum

How would you like to know that co-workers and friends speak behind your back all the time? You probably would not be too happy about it. Then don’t do to others what you don’t want to be done to you! Avoid gossip as much as you can, walk away if you see that the conversation is going in a direction you don’t like or try to suggest other topics. Which brings us to the next point in these micro habits.


Look for Happy Conversation Topics

We live in a world which constantly puts a huge amount of pressure on us. We are constantly pushed to do more, give more, be more! This makes it all too easy to always complain about what’s not going as we would expect, which only adds fuel to the fire.

When chit-chatting, try talking about things that make you happy to lessen tension: the atmosphere will immediately relax and you’ll train your brain to look for positive aspects even in the most difficult moments.


Turn Music On

Bruce Springsteen said: “The best music is essentially there to provide you something to face the world with.” Who are we to contradict The Boss?! Besides, we honestly think he’s right! Whatever music you like, play it loud, sing and dance to it: best therapy ever!


Slow Down at Dinner

We’ve said it before, Aluxers: life is crazy! We keep running from morning till night, filling our agendas with things to do. We feel slowing down means missing out, but we cannot run full power all the time. If your days are hectic, try to carve out some down-time at least at dinner.

Prepare yourself some real food and sit down to enjoy it. Turn the TV off and share this moment with the people you love. It’s the small pleasures that make life worth living. Check out our video “10 Ways To Understand What Fine Living Is All About” for more ideas on this.



When you let out a big belly laugh the levels of stress hormones reduce, and our brain starts producing endorphins, natural pain killing substances. As a result, your body produces more defence cells, which help strengthen the immune system. Laughing can be the best medicine! Oh, and ladies: laughing stretches the skin and may delay the onset of wrinkles! Aren’t these micro habits simply amazing?


Spa Time

We don’t need to spend a fortune for spa treatments and massages. We can pamper ourselves every night even at home. Turn your shower time into a more conscious self-care moment. Dim the lights, light a candle if you like. Be mindful of the water washing away tension and stress: after such a treat, blissful sleep is guaranteed!


No Screens before Bed

When it’s time to sleep, our bodies increase production of a hormone called melatonin. The light of our phone and computer screens restrains the production of such hormone, making it more difficult to fall asleep and wake up the next day. Replace your phone with a good book. The one we recommended earlier in the article should keep you busy for the next few days.

Remember you can listen to it for free thanks to our friends at Audible. Go to alux.com/freebook and have a great night.

If you are searching for more free books, check out 15 Most Valuable Books You Can Read for Free.

There you go, Aluxers! These are 15 micro-habits we swear by to make our days a bit more enjoyable.


What about you? Which of these micro habits have you been doing for the longest? Let us know in the comments what works for you. We’ll reply to the first few of you sharing your thoughts with us! 

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