Miranda Kerr’s Diet And Exercise Secrets |Top 10

23 July 2014

Miranda Kerr’s Diet And Exercise Secrets |Top 10

You want to have the best bikini body on the beach? Who would be better to give you diet and exercise advice that the gorgeous Miranda Kerr? These are Miranda Kerr’s Diet And Exercise Secrets |Top 10.

There is nothing not to like about Miranda. The former Victoria’s Secret model is beautiful, sexy and kind hearted. She thinks that health is wealth and it’s important to keep your body in shape, inside and out.

She is not the type of celebrity you are used to. She loves yoga, meditation and teaching others how to be healthy and happy. Let’s discover her secrets:

10Pay Attention At What You Eat

She is very careful with everything she puts on and into her body. Did you know that she is also a certified nutritionist?

Kerr says her favorite food is avocado, which has a number of health benefits. She also consumes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and reminds us to “make sure you are drinking enough water.”

She is a big fan of smoothies. Here is one of her favorite recipes:

“It’s really like…it’s got all my vitamins in it. It’s just like, coconut water with goji berries, chia seeds, maca powder, spirulina, cacao and then I get all my vitamins and open them and put it in there.”

See the complete procedure here:

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