Become a Modern Gentleman: Gadgets You Must Buy

7 January 2016

Become a Modern Gentleman: Gadgets You Must Buy

In the last article I posted, we were talking about the first step you should try taking into starting a fresh new lifestyle, and at the end of it, we encouraged you into taking baby steps; in this one we’re looking at several gadgets you must buy that will simply make your life better in the coolest way possible!

In order to boost your desire into becoming a modern gentleman, we suggest trying an upgrade. For now, a small one.

And we’re going to do it one step at a time, start small, with some cool gadgets, which will bring a sense of “quality lifestyle” into your life.

We, men, love gadgets, it’s a known fact, it doesn’t matter if they’re super expensive or extra cheap, a cool gadget will boost our happiness in no time.

So that’s why we scouted the internet and found some cool “toys” for you to try out. We’re sure you’ll love all of them, and maybe you’ll even end up buying at least one.

And as we said, we’re going to start small, with this extra cool gadget called the Decapitatorwhich can be yours for just $19.95.

Become a Modern Gentleman: Gadgets You Must Buy
Become a Modern Gentleman: Gadgets You Must Buy – via corkcicle.com

“This menacing little device is a force to be reckoned with. Fitting over a capped bottle, it just takes one firm push and no cap can escape. And with a magnetic feature to hold the cap in place, it’s quick and easy to dispose of.” – the guys from Corkcicle describe their gadget.

So what do you think, is this cool on not? I’m guessing your answer is yes, and you already picture yourself impressing all your friends at the next party.

Ok, now let’s move on to the next one on the list, The Levitating Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Hi-Fi Sound!

You get thrilled just by its description right? Mars, as it’s called, is a “sound technology so advanced it feels like magic”, and it can be yours for just $189.

Become a Modern Gentleman: Gadgets You Must Buy
Become a Modern Gentleman: Gadgets You Must Buy – Levitating Bluetooth Speaker- via mikeshouts.com

This gadget’s “levitating 360º sound projection reduces sound wave absorption into surfaces by levitating above the subwoofer charging station”.

Become a Modern Gentleman: Gadgets You Must Buy Mars

This device has a lightweight aircraft grade aluminum construction, and you can use it in extreme conditions, rain for example, as it is waterproof and extremely durable.

You can play music via bluetooth, using your iPhone or Android Phone, with the help of the Mars app, controlling smart features like proximity volume and pairing multiple speakers for stereo sound.

I already love this gadget, and I’m guessing you’re excited about it too. And that’s a good thing, it’s a sign that you’re ready to become a modern gentleman, you can already feel the boost of confidence just by discovering some cool gadgets you can buy.

You can already imagine hosting a party, inviting all your friends, playing some music on the Mars, while you’re presenting them your new bottle cap’s worst nightmare from Corkcicle.

Now let’s move on to the pièce de résistance, our last gadget on the list, a fully automated home-brewery device called Brewie.

Become a Modern Gentleman: Gadgets You Must Buy
Become a Modern Gentleman: Gadgets You Must Buy – via assets7.thrillist.com

Brewie is a fully automated brewing machine with a compact design, which will impress everybody.

Just imagine how cool it would be to own this thing! You can now create new and original kinds of beer in the comfort of your own home.

Become a Modern Gentleman: Gadgets You Must Buy
Become a Modern Gentleman: Gadgets You Must Buy – via www.indiegogo.com/projects/brewie-world-s-first-fully-automated-home-brewery#home

“Brewie lets you save your settings to reproduce your favorite recipes again and again. Plus, professional micro-brewers can experiment with Brewie to cut down on waste and save money.”

In the beginning of this article we’ve talked about the Decapitator, but this thing, well this is a game changer.

Just imagine hosting a big party, and instead of just buying the beers, you can offer your guests a home special and unique home made beer. How cool is that?!

So that’s about all for now, as I said in the beginning, this is just a small step to becoming a true modern gentlemen.

Upgrading your gadgets will definitely boost your desire to upgrade your lifestyle, and it’s not that expensive either, but this is just the beginning.

As I said, we’ll take it one step at a time, so make sure you won’t miss the next article! Until then, make sure you stay awesome, confident and positive!