10 Of The Most Beautiful Villages In Italy

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10 Of The Most Beautiful Villages In Italy

Have you seen the most beautiful villages in Italy? Have you ever been to Italy?

I can tell you that Italy is one of the best countries to visit in the summer, but it also has beautiful, warm winters.

The entire country is filled with breathtaking views and places just waiting to be discovered. Italy has a rich historical legacy, delicious cuisine and some of the best wines.

In almost every city in Italy you’ll have something unique to see. You can choose to see some of the most charming attractions, and connect with the country’s history.

But when you think about visiting Italy, don’t go just in the big towns, make time to visit the countryside and connect with the locals and enjoy the nature.

We have made a list with some of the most beautiful villages in Italy just for you, because you need to visit every single village featured on this list.

Let’s check them out!

N10. Menaggio

We start the list with Menaggio, a village in the province of Como, Lombardy.

The area is frequented by tourists who come to visit its Menaggio and Cadenabbia Golf Club, which was founded in 1907.

The golf club was founded by an English man, one of many who was spending his holidays on Lake Como.

The village has managed to keep its history and old charm. It has beautiful surroundings which you can enjoy from one of the many waterfront terraces.

One of the best times to visit Menaggio is during the Guitar Festival that takes place every summer.

10 Of The Most Beautiful Villages In Italy
10 Of The Most Beautiful Villages In Italy |via: visitsitaly.com|
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