Most Emotional Video Campaigns

28 June 2014

Most Emotional Video Campaigns | Top 10

Brace yourselves because today I give you the most emotional video campaigns!

Emotional marketing is the best strategy and these guys that made these campaigns know this very well!

People watching them identify themselves with the characters, have epiphanies that can change their lives and most of the time, feel happy in the end.

Let me warn you from the start, you may want to bring a box of tissues near you because some of these campaigns will make you cry like a baby!


10.A Moment of Truth: Thank You for Your Service

A Vietman veteran is sitting at a bar, completely ignored by the other people in the room.

When a young soldier in his uniform enters the room, people stand up and thank him for serving the country and a kid takes a picture with him.

The old veteran looks at the whole scene disappointed and frustrated. When the young man approaches the bar, he notices the veteran’s tattoo from the war.

What happens next is so overwhelming and teaches us two great lessons: to respect the ones who deserve and to just pay a little more attention around us.

#9 proves how deceiving appearances can be!

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