15 Most Expensive Ads Spots in the World

7 November 2016

To reach out to their customers, companies are willing to spend a truckload of money to get their message displayed on some of these most expensive ads spots.

There are many varieties of ads spots to choose from. But it all depends on the advertising budget itself. As far as the rules concerned, better spots demand a higher price. And so do these most expensive ads spots.

From billboard, radio broadcasting, to TV, each spot has its own market for its own cost. But the most effective spot to advertise is TV network. Millions of people grow up watching TV. Whether it is to keep up with the world’s news, following celebrities’ updates, supporting favorite sport team, or drowning self in series

of story, TV program has been an important part of people’s lives.

Being so effective in gaining people’s attention, it should come as no surprise that our top fifteen most expensive ads spots are all on TV. Now, it comes down to which channel and which program ask the highest price of all.

These fifteen TV ads spots are ranked based on the cost to advertise on the program’s commercial break. The numbers may surprise you. So, without further ado, let’s start the countdown!

15. Family Guy on FOX ($165,000 per 30 seconds)

15 Most Expensive Ads Spots in the World | #15. Family Guy on FOX ($165,000 per 30 seconds)
15 Most Expensive Ads Spots in the World | #15. Family Guy on FOX ($165,000 per 30 seconds) | source: laurentlazard.com

“It seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on TV!”

If that line played a certain melody in your head, you are hooked into this animated TV series like I do. Family Guy has been aired since 1999. It is probably Seth MacFarlane’s best creation and what he is mostly known from.

And if you don’t follow this series, don’t get it wrong. Even though it looks like a family cartoon movie, it is not suitable for children. In fact, it is categorized as adult TV program.

According to Nielsen rating, every week for 30 minutes, 4.28 million of people watch Family Guy on FOX. As each episode’s length is only around 20 minutes, there are gaps to fill in. This is where the commercial breaks take place.

By the end of 2015, the estimated advertising spot cost during this program is $165,000 per 30 seconds. This number surprisingly increased compared to the previous year despite the decreasing numbers of viewers. When it was first aired in 1999, it gained more than 10 million viewers.

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