Book a Night at One of the World’s Most Expensive Airplane Hotels!

28 May 2015

Book a Night at One of the World’s Most Expensive Airplane Hotels!

Wondering which are the most expensive airplane hotels in the world??

How awesome would it be to spend the night in an airplane hotel?

Many hotels are build these days, with unique, amazing, and weird shapes. But what do you think about hotels made out from some unused airplanes?

It’s a weird, yet interesting idea. Customized and redesigned as luxurious suites, these 5 hotels are stunning!

5The Plane Motel, New Zealand

We begin our top 5 list of the highest priced airplane hotels in the world with the Plane Motel.

This 2-unit motel is the cheapest to rent from our top list. It is actually the 1950 Bristol Freighter Plane  which had seen action in the Vietnam War and has now been converted into accommodations for guests.

Located in Woodlyn Park on the North Island, in New Zealand, the Plane Motel consists of 2 units:

-The Cockpit Unit. In this unit can sleep up to 4 persons. It features a sofa and a double bed and you’ll have to climb a steep ladder if you want to get to the cockpit unit.

– The Tail Unit, which features a double bed and a set of bunks. Also, can sleep up to 4 people. The prices start at NZ$160.

Top 5 Most Expensive Airplane Hotels - EALUXE.COM | The Plane Motel
The Plane Motel via hovo-hotels.blogspot.com
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